Sound the trumpets! We sold our truck! Hallelujah!

We have been trying to sell this truck for over a year, which proved to be much tougher than we thought. I think we’re selling it to a good family, which makes feel better about it since Nick and I got engaged in that truck  :)

Telework went well again today, but it is hard getting used to a slower connection / loading on my computer at home compared to being in the office. That was the only thing that was frustrating today.

I got hungry this afternoon, so I grabbed a sample packet I bought last week to try.


Since I ordered the sample packs, one of them came with a little sample of the Kids SuperFood and it sounded pretty good! It has all kinds of stuff in it, not just greens, so I was excited to try it.


I mixed this packet with a mixture of skim + almond milk and a few ice cubes in the blender. The verdict?

I really liked this one! It tasted kind of like a chocolate malt flavor – not like a super chocolatey cup of milk, but it was tasty. This one does have soy protein in it, though, which is different than their other products.


I also had a half banana that was leftover from breakfast yesterday with some dark chocolate dreams peanut butter. All in all, it was a good chocolatey snack today.

After my snack, I tried to take my computer outside to finish out the day, but I couldn’t see the screen! So I came back inside and worked until about 5:15 – Mondays are my busiest and the slower loading screen was not helping me today. BUT I got everything done.

While Nick was on his way home, I got the pork marinating for tonight and I’m glad I did that early! He came home and I left with him to meet the family that’s buying the truck. We let them take it and drive it for a while, then they brought it back here and Nick will finalize everything tomorrow. Thank goodness! I’m glad everything went well and that we found someone to buy it, but it did push dinner back a bit.


We both had a salad tonight since we’re swimming in tomatoes right now. I can’t complain though – every one is delicious. I had some romaine, black olives, and a bunch of  tomatoes.


I’ll call this my Triple-P Plate: Pattie, Pork, Peaches.


For the pork, I marinated it in some oil, balsamic, honey, salt, and pepper. Nick grilled those and the peaches, and all I had to do was heat up some of our lentil / brown rice patties from last night!

Grilled fruit is so good. I’m sad we didn’t grill more tonight, but then I knew we wouldn’t have any for the rest of the week :)

I’ve already got my lunch packed and I’m ready for pajamas and some fun reading.


Have you grilled fruit? what’s your favorite one to grill / cook?


  1. My boyfriend tells me that grilled strawberries are amazing but I have yet to try them! That chocolate pb banana looks awesome! Ahh my power just went out! (totally random, I know) Yay for laptops!

  2. I have never grilled any fruit because for some reason it really scares me. I feel like the fruit would fall apart.

    love the banana pb combo :)

  3. O my gosh your dinner looks amazing! is the recipe for the lentil patties on your site?

    • Hi Lizzy! It’s actually out of a Clean Eating magazine – the one with the ice cream cookie sandwiches on the front.

  4. dark chocolate peanut butter?!?!?! Oh my.
    I would probably have an addiction problem if I ever found some.

    grilled fruit? I’ve never even heard of that!?!? I’ve only grilled veggies. that makes for a second “oh my!”

  5. woo hoo for the truck sale, food looks great, especially the chocolate and banana

    Love ya

  6. I’ve had grilled pineapple in a burger, but never grilled other fruits before. I wonder why, but I’m gonna be grilling some great fruits when I get my George Foreman grill! :D

  7. grilled pineapple and apples. so good. you know what would go great with your grilled peaches? a greek yogurt dip with cinnamon, clove, maybe some nutmeg and a very small drizzle of honey. there’s a place in oklahoma city that sells fried peaches with a similar dip. to die for.

  8. When glancing through your post I totally thought that pb-banana was a sliced beef sandwich, like maybe a French dip! Haha!!

  9. Yummm grilled peaches! I can’t wait until I own a grill someday….ahhh… :) I like to grill pineapple

    Before I read the caption I thought it was a french dip sandwich too!! Funny. Dark chocolate peanut butter looks a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

  10. Yay! I sold my hs car this year after so long and it was such a relief! Congrats!

    I love grilled pineapple. Yum!

  11. Congrats on selling your truck!!! That’s awesome. I love the picture of the banana and dark chocolate dreams….dark chocolate dreams is my favorite!

  12. Glad you guys sold the truck!!

    My favorite fruit to grill is peaches or pineapple!

  13. Congrats on the truck–how exciting!

    I love grilling pineapple!!

  14. I love that flavour. It tastes so fresh and yummy! Ungreenlike totally!
    Dinner looks great!

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