I love these long summer nights.

The weather is perfect – it’s the type of weather where it doesn’t feel like anything.

Not hot, not cold. Just perfect.

Any summer weather is good for grilling, but tonight was prime.


I picked up some steaks today for Nick to grill – I’m not sure what he put on them, but they were awesome! Great flavor and cooked perfectly.


While he grilled, I cooked the corn and cut up some of our tomatoes for the salad. Nick cut the lettuce for me since I was also working on the potluck dishes for tomorrow.

It was a great dinner! This local corn has just been so sweet this summer – I’ve got to get more next week.


While the food for tomorrow was cooking (one on the stove and one in the oven), I sat outside on the deck and read ONE of the books I’m in right now. Have you read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle? That’s the one I’m working on now. I started it a while ago, but never finished. I love the book and it gives me some great ideas, but it also just reminds me of how much I’m not doing – does that make sense? I really like it, though. And I like that their farm isn’t too far from here! I’m hoping we can go to the store there sometime – that would be a fun little day trip.

I’ve got the main dish done for tomorrow – kind of a vegetarian enchilada pasta dish I made up. I made some extra for us to have for lunches or leftovers this week, so I’ll post the recipe soon. It looked and smelled good, though! I can’t wait to try it tomorrow.

I also made a bigger batch of the cookie-topped brownies to take  :)  It definitely smells good in the house now.

Speaking of those brownies…


I’ve got 2 small ones with my name on them.


  1. Now, I’m a little behind on my reader so you might have posted it already but WHERE is that brownie recipe? I must make that, my 2 favorite baked goods in one recipe? Too good to be true.

  2. Hello Miss Brandi! I love the word grillaxin – I’ve never heard it before! Very clever :) Your food looks so good…I LOVE grilling. Love, love, love it…doesn’t it just scream Summer? Hope you had a good Saturday night!

  3. The brownies look AMAZING!

  4. I was telling DH about those brownie cookies yesterday. They are on my to make list when we get back from vacay!

  5. love me some corn on the cob :D
    wow those brownies look delicious too!

  6. mmm that salad looks yummy!! And I want those brownies!!

  7. Oh my, those brownies… holy yum.

  8. Oh how I love corn on the cob. Especially with a juicy steak :)
    And those brownies look amazing! Your pics are awesome, you must have a really good camera :)

  9. Love the grilled taste of foods!! Such a healthy way to cook too–double whammy :-)

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