Honduras: The Reason We Went

Since I have hundreds upon hundreds of pictures I want to post, I’m going to go light on the words in this one and let the photos speak for themselves.

They are why we took this trip.

They are why we want to go back.



Check out all that sugarcane! They love this stuff.





Did I mention they broke out to play as I was standing there, taking pictures? I even got the evidence on camera  :)









Some were kind of shy…



Others were little hams  :)  Norman loved cheesin’ for the camera – and he wanted to see the pictures of himself right after you took them, too.



Merle watching some of the older boys playing soccer


Melvin and Dad


Bracelet making! They can make the coolest woven bracelets – Gabby and I bought some while we were there.



He would NOT let me take his picture! This was the closest I got  :)





Boys will be boys


Bob and Francisco, all grown up! The last time we saw him, he was 3 or 4 and so tiny!


Who knew a tape measure was so exciting?





Watching the big boys up on the roof…






He wouldn’t look at me for any pictures either  :( He seemed so shy until Gabby and I went in with them to watch a video – then he was nutso! Just like any crazy little boy…he also told me I was 200 years old. :)







Posing for pictures again…




These two, Johnny and Isaiah are some of the coolest kids there. They both have broken legs that were just never set/healed; we’re not really sure why they were broken when they were younger or why they weren’t treated, but they both have the coolest carts to get around in! And they still play soccer better than I do. Isaiah was even helping on the roof the first couple of days!








Nap time with Francisco




I cannot wait to go back. It just doesn’t feel right being here when I know there’s so much more I could be doing for them.

and I’m going to make a plea for a minute  :)

Unfortunately, the last director of Jovenes took advantage of his responsibilites in running this place. I am not getting into details because I honestly just can’t think about it anymore, but one thing he did not do was spend money/donations the way they were supposed to be spent.

So…now Jovenes has enough money to make it through December, I think.

December. Of this year.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to these kids if that’s all there is.

They do have a new director, who’s been there about a month and I know he is doing all that he can to turn this place around and get it back on track and headed in the right direction.

So here’s my plea. I realize that this place means much more to me since I’ve been there and Nick and I are already invested in it, BUT –

If you are looking for something to get involved with or give to, please consider these boys. If you really are interested in supporting them in any way, email me and I can get all the info to you.

If you know of groups that help support orphanages in any way (i.e., donating school supplies, clothing, food, etc), email me so I can see what else can be done to help them in their time of need.

OR if you do give to other charities or groups or another thing that you are passionate about, KEEP GIVING.

Whatever you have, whatever resources you can offer.

I can’t imagine how many other places or groups doing things like this are struggling right now because of the economy. I know people are cutting back on a lot of things in their lives, but if you CAN keep giving, KEEP GIVING. Places like this will suffer quickly if their support stops coming in.

Even the smallest gift can sometimes make the biggest difference.


The crazy story from our trip will be posted next week sometime – I’m still working on making sure I tell it right!

See you for lunch!


  1. Your photos tell a fantastic story… can you email me info about Jovenes and how to help? I’d love to get my Spanish classes involved!

  2. What precious little boys!! I can see why you fell in love with them. Norman is too cute!

  3. This is so amazing! It’s great that you did something like that and so inspirational!!

  4. Brandi, you are amazing. Your spirit is so sweet! If everyone were as giving as you, the world would be a much better place.


  5. Sweetie you are my hero. Thank you for such a great job of putting words to the need at Joveness. They have stolen my heart and I can’t wait to be there next year. Brandi is the bestest DIL

  6. All the kids are soo adorable! I bet you touched each of their lives in ways you didn’t even realize!!

  7. This is so awesome! All those kids are too adorable! And I agree with Katie – more people like you in this world would definitely make it a better place! :)

  8. too amazing. that is so wonderful, and i am going to e-mail you because i do want to help. thank you so much for sharing – those kids are TOO CUTE!

  9. this post is amazing! I love that you do this sort of work, I wanna do some service abroad as well. I think the pictures capture how important it is to you :)

  10. WOW! I love all the pics. So much fun! I love that you are giving to others with your life. A great inspiration to us all

  11. Love all of the pictures Brandi – thank you so much for sharing them with us!

  12. AWW! That is so cute. I def want to give back to those children as well.

  13. Those pictures are fantastic and sweet. So sorry to hear about the abuse of position and I will be praying that God helps the situation to turn around for His glory so these boys can see His hand in this :-)

  14. Yikes! Sounds super emotional. The pics were cute – they remind me of the kids I met on my mission trips.

  15. Sooooo cute! I can just imagine all the love they have to give. What a beautiful series of pictures.

  16. Those kids are adorable! That’s so great that you were able to go over there and help them. I agree with the others–the world would be a much nicer place if more people were as kind and giving as you.

  17. Wow! They are so beautiful! It’s so wonderful that you were able to go there and help in the way you did. It’s awful that they center might close in December!

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  22. I love your photos. They make me miss my trip to South Africa!

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