Fun Fiesta

The weekend is here!!!

Ah, I’m so excited that it’s Friday night. I’ve got my feet up on the ottoman, Nick and Roxy next to me, and no work tomorrow!

I got pretty hungry this afternoon, so I pulled out this snack from my purse.


This was my first time trying the peanut butter cookie Larabar, and it sure did taste like peanut butter. I really liked it – with the only ingredients being dates, peanuts, and salt, I thought it would be sweeter than it was but it really tasted like peanut butter!

I still think I like the coconut cream pie one better, but there’s still a lot of flavors I haven’t tried yet so I can’t pick a favorite.

This afternoon was spent finishing up some stuff at work, having a few meetings and trying to make sure everything is set up for next week – why?

My supervisor and I were approved to start doing telework!!! So (as long as it keeps working out), I’ll be working from home every Monday and Thursday. I am SO excited! I honestly didn’t think that we would be approved so quickly and that things would be squared away for us to start our new telework schedules next week, but it happened! Too bad I don’t have a pool….I could lay out and work on my laptop  :)

Dinner was easy to put together. Since we were still stocked with fresh tomatoes, peppers, and our Miami avocados, it had to be a Fiesta night.


I used a Weight Watcher recipe for Chicken Mole taco filling that we like a lot and made a big salad with all my toppings.

  • romaine
  • corn
  • chicken/bean/mole sauce mixture
  • garden fresh red + orange tomatoes
  • scallions
  • toasted corn tortilla pieces


Mmm…..I love mole sauces! I love the combination of cocoa + cinnamon + chile powder – it has such a great balance!


While I was working on the mole + cutting up the lettuce and tomato, Nick mixed up some fresh salsa + guac for dipping.


The fresh salsa and guacamole were so perfect. It makes such a difference to have super fresh tomatoes and peppers, perfectly ripe avocados, and lots of cilantro  :)

I also had a Modelo because you HAVE to with Mexican meals. And it’s Friday!!!

You know I’ve got big plans for tonight:

  • reading
  • making a grocery list for tomorrow
  • watching What Not to Wear

Crazy night, huh?  I love it.


  1. Hooray for doing the telework!!

  2. How awesome about your work! Yay!

  3. I didn’t like Larabars at first. Now they’ve grown on me. I hate the Coconut Cream Pie one though! :-(

  4. Telework is wonderful! Great pictures of the yummy food too!

  5. That’s great about the telework! How exciting :) Your mexican salad also looks fantastic

  6. Oh I love mole sauces too! So good!
    I’m not a big fan of larabars, though. I tried several, but just can’t get hooked on it.

  7. i love mole too. who doesn’t love chocolate sauce, savory or sweet?!?!

  8. I love lazy nights–they’re the best!!

    And I also really like Weight Watcher’s recipes, I have some of the cookbooks(not for weight loss purposes), but because they have a great array of healthy and easy meals!

  9. your fiesta dinner looks delicious — the perfect meal for a perfect friday night of relaxation :-)

    btw, i LOVED your honduran orphanage post with the pics of all the boys. SO cute and, again, i’m beyond jealous of your trip! i think that my ideal career would be as a professional latin american orphanage volunteer, haha. someday …

  10. Homemade mexican food is great! I’ll have to look for the mole recipe on WW.

    Congrats on getting to start telework! It will be nice to work in your PJ’s if you want :-)

  11. My boyfriend’s mom gives me the weirdest things. I wish she brought me veggies!! haha

  12. Crazy – I tried that Larabar on Friday too! It really does taste like peanut butter. I was eating it on the train and may or may not have said “wow!” outloud. :P

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