I cannot stay away from these oatmeal pancakes!


I can’t remember now why I bought ricotta this week, but I’m glad I did! I love using it on my breakfast cookies, so I thought I would try it out on the oatmeal pancakes.


I love how ricotta just makes you feel like you’re having some type of danish or cannoli. The cinnamon and vanilla in the pancake batter went really well with the ricotta, fruit, and honey on top.


The pancake batter was my usual:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • pinch salt
  • pinch cinnamon
  • couple drops of Honduran Vanilla

After cooking the pancakes, I put about 2 Tbsp of ricotta on each one, topped with some peach + raspberries and drizzled about a tsp of orange blossom honey on top.


Yup, this one will happen again. I love the honey + ricotta combination!

I also ate the rest of my peach on the side and had 2 big glasses of water.


Next Honduras post at lunch! I had to finish some stuff up after my computer turned off on me last night and erased part of it  :(

How do you start off your day on a good note?

I try to have a big glass of water, no matter what, as soon as I’m up and out of the shower. I’ve found that if I don’t, it’s really hard for me to drink a lot of water during the day, but starting out with it makes me thirsty for it for the rest of the day.

I also listen to our favorite morning radio show and watch a little of the news to find out what the weather is going to be.


  1. During the week, I have to start my morning off with my cup of Kukicha tea while I get ready for work. It’s a must…

    Of course I prefer the weekends when I’m not rushing out the door and eating my breakfast at my desk, so I like to start out with the same cup of tea, my laptop and a warm spot on the couch. Follow that with a delicious breakfast (not eaten at my desk) and a long walk and it’s already been a great day!

  2. I try to start my day with a breakfast I’ll really enjoy – sometimes it’s juice, sometimes oatmeal, sometimes a piece of toast with LOTS of peanut butter. As long as it’s what I’m craving, I’m happy! I also make a to-do list the day/night before so I can hit the ground running when I get to work :)

  3. I roll out of bed and into my desk chair, I always start my day with reading emails and blogs! Then on with my day.

    Ricotta on pancakes is a such a fab idea, what a tasty way to get a little more protein in their too.

  4. Ricotta sounds amazing on those pancakes!!! Good tasty protein addition, and so italianesque!
    I love starting my day with a good cup of coffee, some good uplifting music, and a really nice fueling breakfast!!! Recently it’s been all about my protein oats.

  5. Hey girlie ;) I love ricotta! It has so many uses (despite my initial thoughts that all it was good for was pasta bakes!). What a great breakfast.

    I start my day out right with COFFEE (I don’t think I will ever give up coffee ;)) and great music in the car on the way to work. I also like to eat fruit every morning.

  6. I like to start out with a workout lately. I feel so productive knowing I have kicked butt and the day has barely started!

  7. Thank you for this breakfast idea!!! I’ve gotta try it! I have to start my day with coffee and some chill time before my work day starts… if i dont, im in a lousy mood all day!

  8. I start my day with my daily devotions–works like a charm! I have never had ricotta, I’ve used it in baking before, but surprisingly never had it! I should get me some :-)

  9. That’s interesting about drinking water right when you get up. Totally makes sense.

    I try to spend a little time with my cat, Scone. He’s usually been trying to wake me up for an hour anyway – but we chill, and I give him kisses and whatnot. It’s a nice moment :)

  10. What a fantastic breakfast! And on a Thursday?! That’s such a Sunday breakfast to me, perhaps I need to spend the time during the week to have a good breakfast like that!

  11. Those pancakes are genius! I’ve never had ricotta cheese, crazy right?!

    Starting my day off on a good note: taking my time with breakfast and listening to good music on my way to class

  12. ohmy those look so amazing…..
    i start my day off better with a good breakfast and a blog entry :)

  13. I also love ricotta cheese so much! I think it’s great on breakfasts!

    I listen to NPR news update and spend a couple of minutes stretching to start off my day right.

  14. Green Monster + Big water bottle + cup of coffee. If I don’t get all three I always feel a little off.

    Ricotta on pancakes is a great idea! I love adding cottage cheese to them to up the protein.

  15. Those pancakes look awesome! I love the idea of using ricotta cheese. I’ll have to try that. I start my day off on a good note with a delicious breakfast, glass of water, and coffee :)

  16. Um.. amazing! That’s all I have to say!

    Oh, and I start off a good day with oatmeal!!!!

  17. You know, I’ve never thought to put ricotta on pancakes, but what a great idea! I think you’re right…it would remind me of eating a canolli or a danish! Trying this ASAP!

  18. How pretty pancakes! Like during the pancake challenge your creations never cease to amaze us!

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