Guest Post: New Twist on Pancakes

Hi everyone!  I’m Ange and know Brandi through Weight Watchers.  Although I don’t have my own blog, I do follow quite a few and love getting recipes and ideas from them.

When I saw Brandi’s post about oatmeal pancakes, I knew I would have to try them out.  I LOVE oatmeal. I could probably eat it for two meals a day and not get bored.  For the longest time I always had apples in it, but for a while now I’ve been a huge fan of bananas.

The thought of oatmeal pancakes intrigued me. How would I like this new way of having oatmeal?

I decided Saturday morning was a great time to find out since it was lazy and not rushed like it is during the week.  I got all my ingredients out and mixed them up…


* 1/2 cup oats

* 1/2 cup egg whites

* splash of vanilla

* a few shakes of cinnamon & pumpkin spice

* drinking coffee in a large Wheeling Jesuit University mug, is optional

(I forgot the baking powder & salt from the original recipe, but no worries, they turned out okay)

And then I decided that Gena’s banana soft serve would go PERFECTLY on top of my oatmeal pancakes.

I had some bananas already in the freezer so I took them out and found my little food processor.


Then I realized one of my roommates was still sleeping, so I moved to our catch all room off the kitchen that has doors on it so I could whip up the banana soft serve and not wake anyone else up.


It’s hard to tell, but it looks uber yummy!!!

Then I put it in the freezer while I started on making the pancakes.


I sprayed my small pan with some EVOO and put in half the batter, cooked her first oatmeal pancake and then put in the rest of the batch in the pan.  While the second pancake was cooking I topped the first one with banana soft serve and strawberries.



And then…..


The second pancake goes on top, more banana soft serve, strawberries, blueberries and the rest of my coffee on the side.


I LOVE oatmeal… and I really enjoyed the oatmeal pancakes and banana soft serve together!

The heat from the pancakes melted some of the banana sot serve, but it tasted wonderful anyways!


That was a wonderful way to start off my weekend!

What’s your favorite breakfast?


Thanks Ange! Great idea  :)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!! The pancakes look great!!

  2. I love the idea of whipping up the frozen bananas!

    I always have some in my freezer!

  3. what a great idea!

  4. mmmmmm those oatmeal pancakes sound fabulous!!! I still haven’t tried the frozen banana softserve, but that sounds like a great addition to pancakes!!!! Great job girl!

    My fav breakfasts are usually poached eggs and toast or anything with egg. But pancakes and french toast are sounding more and more scrumptious!

  5. What great tips about pancakes! They look wonderful!

  6. Ange – LOVE the post!

    Bran – LOVE the blog!

    Great tag team ladies!

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