Easy Morning

Good: I got up on time today! Thank goodness I didn’t have to rush around again this morning.

Bad: Blech….I still don’t feel great. I do feel better than last night, but not normal yet.

While I was packing my lunch last night, I also remembered to prep a breakfast for Nick and me today. It makes it so easy to just finish the dish and eat in the morning! The trick is making sure you remember to do the stuff the night before  :)


Last night, I made one muesli base for me and one for Nick. Mine had:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • cinnamon
  • Honduran vanilla
  • pinch salt


Then for toppings, I cut up 2 nectarines (one for each of us), washed some raspberries and added some sliced almonds and ff plain yogurt to mine.


Mm, mm. I really liked this with the almond milk in the mix! It was my first time trying almond milk in muesli like this.

Of course, I don’t eat it when it’s all pretty and posed like that – I mix it up into a yogurty mess.


I like having half of my breakfast ready and waiting in the fridge – I just have to write myself notes to remember to mix it up  :)

I’m off to work and will be having either some coffee or hot tea to warm me back up! Love the muesli, don’t love the cold.

Do you have to leave notes/reminders for yourself?

I do all the time. I make myself notes and lists all day long of things that I want to remember to do once I get home or the next morning, etc.


  1. I always leave notes on my bathroom wall during the school year to remind me to pack certain books.

  2. I am big into notes and lists, as well. I would not be able to work without one!

  3. looks so good!
    i always make a daily checklist.. it keeps my life in order :D

  4. Looks great! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without postit notes!

  5. I definitely leave notes. Or send myself emails. That usually does the trick!

  6. Oh yes! I have post its, lists, emails, phone reminders, lol. Craziness.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Your raspberries look perfect! And yes, I leave notes for myself EVERYWHERE. My favorite place to leave them is actually on the computer…I put little post-its all over because I know I’ll always look at the computer one more time before I go anywhere or do anything (addicted!!!)

  8. I am the post-it queen! I have lists for my lists and post-its for my post-its! It’s crazy and yet I still forget to do something.

  9. That looks delicious!

    I have lists all over the house! On sticky notes, tucked in bags, bookmarking magazines, etc. I make way too many notes to myself!

  10. Love the breakfast! I definitely leave notes for myself. I’ve got a lot of post-its by my desk for that reason :)

  11. i LOVE the yummy yogurt muesli mess!

  12. i leave notes everywhere. just because im a little obsessed with organizing/planning lol.

  13. Hey Brandi! Yes, I’m a fellow note writer….guilty! I would forget everything if I didn’t write it down…lol

    Your breakfast looks amazing! YUM!

  14. I leave myself notes, but then forgot about the notes for the reminder!!

    Your breakfast looks so yummy!!!

  15. My life right now is simple enough that I don’t need to make notes to myself, but that shall change once I absorb into the busy college life.
    I hope you feel better soon, dearie! >.<

  16. Ha..yes, I have to leave myself notes, or I’ll forget almost everything! I always tell people that if they want me to remember something, to please leave a post-it somewhere obvious for me to see it. It’s kind of sad, actually. ;)

  17. I ALWAYS leave notes- without them, I wouldn’t be able to remember anything!

    I love the raspberries- I’m going to be very sad when they are out of season :(

  18. I make lots of notes. I have one on my desk at work for tasks for the next day. I have note pad post its to write notes next to my bed. And I sometimes email myself to do tasks.

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