Shiny and New

How it today already half over? I feel like it’s gone by way too fast today.

We got a new vacuum! We have the Kenmore CleanScape, which is one of the best rated in Consumer Reports and not too heavy, which is good since we have 2 floors. Nick’s already been vacuuming today and he “called” getting to vacuum this weekend – no problem there  :)  I’ll let him use it on the whole house first to test it out!

I also got my new pair of glasses! They’re OP frames and so cute. Brown on the outside, blue on the inside.


Love them! And I’m so happy to have glasses that have the right prescription lenses in them.

Grocery shopping was good, too. I totally refilled the fridge today:

  • romaine hearts
  • sale package of mixed baby romaine (got it for only .69 with a coupon!)
  • sale package of portobello caps
  • scallions
  • cilantro
  • bananas
  • zucchini
  • yellow squash
  • small red onions
  • broccoli
  • celery
  • stoplight peppers (1 red, yellow and green)
  • serrano pepper
  • peaches and nectarines from the market!!! yay :)
  • cut sweet potato wedges for only .69 with coupon
  • 1 oikos plain small yogurt (coupon for $1 off)
  • 2 Fage: one with cherry for Nick, plain for me. on sale 2/$3
  • eggs
  • egg whites
  • almond milk
  • ricotta
  • coconut water to try
  • chicken breast (sale)
  • turkey sausages
  • buns
  • corn from market
  • brownie for Nick, ww brownie for me from market
  • face wash
  • new face lotion
  • new razor for me
  • tortilla chips
  • beer for chicken dish
  • 8 roll package of paper towels (sale)
  • 8 roll package of tp (sale)
  • 2 boxes kleenex (sale)

All for less than $100! I’m surprised it wasn’t more with all the paper towels, toilet paper, face wash/lotion, and razor – especially since those are things I don’t buy every week.

Nick had asked for some hot dogs or sausages to grill up for lunch today, so I bought some lean sweet italian turkey sausage that will also go into a meal this weekend.


Nick grilled all the sausages along with 1/2 a green, yellow, and red pepper. He had his ON a bun – I made mine into a big salad.


I took about 2-3 cups of the baby romaine and topped it with a cut up turkey sausage, 1 yellow tomato from our garden, and some of the grilled peppers.

Instead of eating my sausage on a bun, I spread a little olive oil spread on the split bun and topped it with garlic salt and parsley and had Nick grill it to make an easy “garlic bread”. Yum! It was good! I need to remember to do that again.

We just got the rugs in the wash, and I still have a few loads left that I’ll be working on all weekend. Nick is messing around with the vacuum still and I need to decide on dinner….too many choices now!


  1. I love all that you got and for under $100! I play a game with myself to make my list of what I need for groceries and try to keep it under $100. I do pretty good except when I need to buy household stuff.

    BTW I love your new frames. I really like plastic frames much better than wire. So much personality.

  2. i love the glasses! so cute!

  3. Aww, I love your shiny and new…lookin good :D

    That’s quite a load you were able to score for less then 100 bucks….good job! I love getting deals.

  4. LOVE your new glasses – you are so cute!

    great grocery shop too!

  5. Love when groceries come out to cost less than expected–cute glasses BTW, love em!

  6. Cute glasses! They really suit you.

    You did awesome on the grocery shopping!

  7. aw love love love your glasses!!!

  8. I can’t believe you’re willing to pay that much for yogurt. I get mine for 50 cents- Lucerne, store-brand. Tastes awesome.

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