Ready to Refill

Okay, I’ve got my list ready and I’m set! I planned out some meals and possible lunches for this week in case we don’t have dinner leftovers, plus have all the random stuff we need (face wash, lotion, a new razor for me since I left mine in Honduras…)

I was actually up and out of bed at 6:45 this morning, although I’m not sure why. I just couldn’t sleep anymore. I went ahead and took my shower, then looked up a few recipes online and finished making my grocery list before Nick got up.

We decided to make some breakfast before I hit the road into town. It kind of sounds like we live in the middle of nowhere, doesn’t it?  :)

I knew I wanted to use this with breakfast today:


We bought this Blackberry Honey in Zamorano (where the orphanage was in Honduras) and I really wanted to use it this morning. It cost 39.59 lempira, which is about $2 for this big bottle of honey. It actually tastes like a cross between blackberry jam and honey.


We each toasted up some bread and spread it with crunchy pb, the blackberry honey, and had some bacon and sliced apple.


Not my normal weekend breakfast, but it was really good and just what I wanted.

And actually….I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I’m a little tired of bacon? i really did not want it this morning. My one slice was good, but I couldn’t eat any more of it.

Plus some of our Honduran coffee – delicioso.


I also got to try some new bread this morning! I used 2 slices of the Essential Flaxseed Bread by Alvarado St. Bakery, and I really liked it! The only bad thing is that I found this bread at a store near Nick’s parents and I’ve never seen it here. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for it.

I’m off to pick up my glasses, hit up the market and grocery store, and then head home for lunch  :)

Do you ever just get tired of a food or all of sudden just NOT want something?


  1. Ooo that spread sounds super yummy! I love finding different foods when I travel, it’s one of my fav parts!! I get sick of a food when I will get on a kick and eat it like everyday, then all of a sudden it becomes discusting. I am currently experiencing that with strawberries, because at the beginning of summer, I went overboard! ha

  2. I found out last night that an old high school acquaintance is living in Honduras and works for a mission – teaching foster children. I’m sure there are several missions in Honduras, but how wacky would it be if you were both at the same mission!!??

    Glad you’re back – missed reading your blog :)

  3. haha I love that mug! too cute :)
    such a perfect breakfast – bread and peanut butter were made for each other!

  4. That spread looks incredible! I usually love my big salads, but sometimes I just do NOT want them– I can’t even stand the thought. Weird!

  5. blackberry honey… OMG. im in love … i must have some!

  6. Oh, I’ve been wanting to try that bread! I haven’t found it at my local Whole Foods yet though.

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