T. G. I. F

times 2!

1. Thank Goodness It’s Friday, right?

I had an eye appointment this morning and it had been 3 years since the last time I went – oops! I got some new contacts ordered AND bought a new pair of frames/lenses. The glasses I have now are a cheap $8 pair of sunglass frames that I popped the lenses out of and had prescription lenses put in and I’ve had them for about 7 years, so it was time. I needed them to have the right prescription anyways and I got a really cute pair. I should be picking them up in the morning  :)

Today was crazy busy at work. I had so many emails to work through, plus we’re trying to set up working remotely from home to see how that will work, so I was working on a bunch of stuff today. It felt like a full day even though I was only there about 5 hours. I am glad I only had one day of week this week and now the weekend – that will make getting back into the office easier after the trip.

We didn’t eat all the ravioli last night, so I brought that with me for lunch.


I also brought a small salad with the leftover romaine I cut up last night, plus 1/2 of a tomato from our garden.


and a nice, crispy apple.


Hooray for produce  :)  I wonder how long this excitement will last! I know I’m already psyched about going to the market and grocery store tomorrow.

I got pretty hungry at work this afternoon, but I was working on everything so much that I never stopped to have a snack. Nick and I ended up running around after work checking out vacuums since ours broke, so I had this in between stores.


Yup, I finally found the Coconut Cream Pie LARA bar right before we left for our trip. I’ve been looking for this flavor since I saw it on a blog MONTHS ago!


I realize that I haven’t tried all of their flavors yet, but this one rocked! I loved, loved, loved all the shredded coconut in the bar. It gave it such a great texture. I will definitely buy more of these. I hope they keep them stocked around here now that I finally found them.

In vacuum news, I think we found the one we’re going to get – Nick was looking up reviews while I was getting dinner ready, so we should hopefully have a new one this weekend.

The second TGIF for today is:

2. Thank Goodness I Freeze…


I had no plans for dinner tonight. I was hoping we would have had enough ravioli leftover for dinner tonight, but the package only had a little over 2 servings and we had barely stretched it to 3 servings.

What to do when grocery shopping won’t happen until the next day and you don’t want to eat out?

Look in your freezer.

I found a bag with 2 servings of my Super Bowl Chili Mac, so I heated that up in a pot on the stove and roasted some broccoli in the oven.


I love roasted broccoli. I love that the edges get kind of crispy.


I also love having stuff in the freezer for when I have no plans and no food! At least we still had a homemade meal.

I’ve got one load of laundry going and still have a full hamper. I have a feeling this rainy weekend will be filled with laundry  :)

Do you like grocery shopping/planning?

I usually do and love my early Saturday morning shopping trips, but there are some weeks that I just don’t feel like planning out meals or making my list.


  1. omg i LOVE that flavor! it made me love coconut when i was a professed hater….TRY MICROWAVING IT! it gets all squish soft and delicious.

  2. Haha! I love your “T.G.I.F’s” I wish I had had some stuff frozen these past couple of days! I hate relying on ordering!!

  3. Ooh I love that coconut larabar! I LOVE grocery shopping, but I’m not big on planning meals or anything. I can spend forever at the grocery store just browsing, though :)

  4. I LOVE grocery shopping and staring at all the food! :-) The coconut cream pie larabar was the first one I tried and I hated it!! I thought I was going to hate all larabars because of it but luckily, I have found some I really like!

  5. I love that larabar. I like grocery shopping and any shopping really … but i hate spending money :(

  6. I really like that larabar also, it is one of my favorite flavors!

    I love grocery shopping, I would rather grocery shop than clothes shop any day of the week!

  7. Love having things in the freezer ready to pop in the microwave! Especially sweet treats :-)

  8. Good for you getting a new pair of glasses, that’s great!

    Isn’t it nice coming back from vaca, working one day, then having 2 more days off? Whoo hoo, love that!

    I love planning out menus and grocery shopping. I used to hate grocery shopping, but the past several months started to really enjoy. As long as I am not rushed and can take my time and leisurely stroll the isles.

  9. i just ate the coconut flavor too recently. amazing.

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