Bean-less Breakfast

After almost a full week of having some of the most amazing beans with just about every meal, I had my 2nd breakfast in a row with no beans in sight.

I actually  miss them….just a little :)

Nick and I woke up later than normal this morning to catch up on a little sleep, then got to making some breakfast before heading into town.


I made myself some grits and 2 over easy eggs for breakfast.


Runny eggs and oatmeal were 2 things I missed, among other things.

Plus 1 slice of bacon and some plums we picked up last night.


Nick also brewed up some of our Honduran coffee we brought back, so I’m grabbing that and heading out the door.

I’ve got an eye appointment at 9:30 and then I’m heading to work for the afternoon to start weeding through the emails.

Any fun plans for this weekend?


  1. So glad you are back!!

    We don’t have much going on this weekend and I am thrilled. We even got all of our laundry done last night so we don’t even have to worry about that. I see a weekend of reading, writing and beading in my future!

  2. Those plums look yummy! My mom is coming to visit this weekend so I am uber excited!

  3. I love Honduran and Costa Rican coffees. I try to drink them when at all possible. Just so much better flavor.

    This weekend I’m headed to Old Orchard Beach, ME for Salvation Army camp meetings. Required for my job but a vacation at the same time. Can’t argue with a required vacation :-)

  4. Your plums and bacon look like a face! Good luck at the eye appointment – I hate when they blow air in my eyes, haha. Drives me crazy!!

  5. Bill and I are going to a beer tasting tonight with some friends. Dogfish Head! Which I love. Better get a run in beforehand :)

    We might also take a super secret trip tomorrow that I’m probably going to keep under raps on the blog. (Beach, potentially…)

  6. My boyfriend and I are going to Boston for the weekend!! Can’t wait! I love your plates!

  7. welcome back dear!

    can’t wait to hear more about the trip, but first, you just do what you need to do to get back on track and in the swing of things!

    yay of eggs + grits…i’m not from the south, but they look fabbbb!

  8. welcome back! I was wondering when the runny eggs would make their re-appearance. At least you got Hondurian coffee to savor those memories :)

  9. I always love seeing your morning eggs :) I don’t have all that many plans for the weekend–still recovering from my Arizona trip!

  10. Wow – back at it without missing a beat! Looking forward to hearing about your trip. Hope it’s not too much reverse culture shock, even though you do miss those beans!

  11. mm yum that breakfast looks awesome!

  12. i love how your plums and bacon look like a face. :) i’m really looking forward to hearing about your trip!

  13. Those plums look really pretty! Much bluer than the ones I normally see.

    I’m going to Dallas for the weekend!

  14. Welcome back!
    Being away from your “usual” foods and routine make you appreciate it so much more when you get home. Travel can be great, but for me, there’s no place like home!

    No big weekend plans here–I’m boring :) Farmer’s Market, work outside, watch the games, etc.

  15. Welcome home Brandi! You were missed dearly ;)

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