Takin' It Easy

This morning has been so nice.

No alarm clock, lounging around, making breakfast, drinking coffee with my feet up on the ottoman…

I wish every day could be like this! It’s a good thing we were able to sleep in a little today because we have to leave Nick’s parents’ house tomorrow at 2 AM!!!

Since we had more time for breakfast today, we decided to cook the rest of the bacon and have a “Sunday” breakfast on Tuesday.


I finally finished off the cantaloupe, plus the last of the strawberries and had 2 small slices of bacon.


Plus 2 over easy eggs over oatbran! I did miss the oatbran on Sunday – it has a better flavor and texture and I really like it with the eggs.

And some coffee, obviously.


We’re up, fed, and showered so now it’s just time to finish packing and get everything in the car to head to Nick’s parents house.

What’s one thing you always take with you on a trip?

I’ve made list after list, and I still always feel like I’m going to forget something  :)


  1. I ALWAYS take my iPod :-D

  2. I love your coffee mug :D

    I always take my camera and iPod- and always forget my hairbrush!

  3. Your mug always makes me smile :o)

    I always pack lots of hard candy/gum and a book! (or two!)

  4. okay my dear – eggs + oat bran is on the menu tomorrow morning! do you add anything to the oat bran? let me know – i will most def give you a shoutout!

  5. I love your coffe mug! I always pack snacks…don’t want to get caught in the rest stop trap!

  6. I always take my camera!! You never know when there will be fun food to write about!

    Travel safe today!

  7. I always take my iPod (and healthy snacks!)

  8. I always take allergy medicine, cortisone cream, advil and earplugs. I always seem to come down with some sort of ailment! Lol. Plus I can’t sleep without earplugs.

    Good luck with everything!!

  9. Brandi, I hope you will give us all a recap of your trip when you get back. I will pray for all of you to stay healthy and for travel safety!

    • I definitely will :) i’m going to be taking an obscene amount of pictures, so I know there will be some recaps :)

  10. Breakfast looks awesome! Do you have deoderant? underwear? hmmm…what about facewash?

  11. 1. iPod
    2. Camera
    3. Cell phone

    That’s it ;) a 2AM wake up call is the middle of the night! I caught the late edition of HIMYM last night – glorious!

  12. Mmm I think I need to try eggs over oats!

    On trips, I always take my ipod, camera, and tennis shoes/workout gear…ya know just in case I get a change to go for a run or something! Oh yea, and SNACKS!

  13. I always make sure to bring my pillow everywhere I go! LOL!

    Ahh, that egg was calling my name, your eggs always look so inviting ;)

    I have never tried oat bran…gonna have to give them a try don’t you think?

    Your posts will be missed while you are gone. You have a wonderful time and I look forward to reading all about your adventures when you return…and yes, take loads of pics to share with us ;) How long are you going for?

    • Thanks Linda!

      We’ll be gone for a week, but I have some fun guest posts lined up :) AND I’m going to try to post a few times, but that will depend on the computer/internet situation at the hotel.

  14. That’s an amazing coffee mug!! I love lazy days!!


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