On The Road

Okay, so we’re still at home  :)  BUT we’re all packed and ready to get on the road. I think I have everyting?

  • bathroom stuff: deodorant, shampoo, razor, face wash, toothpaste/brush, comb, brush
  • contacts/glasses
  • hair clips, ponytail holders, headbands
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • pants for worksite
  • skirts + dress for church on Sunday, plus tops
  • 1 pair flip flops, tennis shoes for workdays
  • pajamas
  • raincoat
  • hat
  • socks, sports bras, etc
  • travel hair dryer
  • dirty clothes bag
  • Plus everything else downstairs: sunscreen, bug spray, camelpaks, water bottles, food

That sounds like enough, right? :)  I know I’ll probably forget something – I just hope it’s nothing major.

We cleaned out the fridge today for lunch. Nick ate his last 2 slices of pizza and a salad, and I ate the last of the leftovers.


I had the last of the thai-sauced pasta dish, a boatload of broccoli, and some golden jubilee + mr. stripey tomato slices from our garden.


I think I’m good on product for today – this was like 2.5 cups of so of broccoli, but that’s good.

The one thing I’m not sure of on this trip is how many vegetables I’ll be able to get in. Since I’m used to having a good amount each day, that will be the biggest difference. I wish I would have thought to order some of the single serving packs of amazing grass to take with me! Too late now, but it’ll be okay.

I’m about to have this small glass of chocolate milk to finish off my milk, and then I think we’re hitting the road! All that’s left is to get everything into the car and say a sad goodbye to Roxy.


We hate leaving her for a week, but our neighbors are watching her and she’s outside most of the time anyways. She’s always happy when we get home AND usually 5 lbs heavier  :)  But we do miss her a lot.

What’s your favorite traveling music?

I don’t know what it is, but I always want to listen to our Hot, Hot Heat cd on trips. Such good travel music. And Incubus, Limbeck, Ben Harper, G. Love….feel good music.

See you for dinner!


  1. OMG! I love G. Love!! I didn’t know people actually knew who they were!!

  2. You are way organized!

    Lately, I’ve been really into synthesizers, which means that I’m reverting back to 80s and 90s music that’s off the beaten path. I get into weird phases like that. Right now I’m currently listening to a band called Battles, and I’m not sure their lyrics are actually in English :)

    I saw HHH in Bmore last year!

  3. I like to jam to eighties music on trips. bahaha.

  4. Bathing suit? Sweatshirt for a cool evening? I always overpack!

    I love Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers for road trips.

    We’re going to see G. Love with Jason Mraz in a couple weeks!

  5. Lately, it’s u2’s song Magnificent that keeps me going, both road trippin and running.

    I posted the whole wheat recipe on my blog….obviously you have much better things to do right now than baking bread….so have FUN!!!

  6. Have a safe trip. I always like to listen to The Smiths when we’re road tripping.

  7. i listen to beastie boys when i travel – apropo b/c of what’s going on with MCA lately, too….

  8. You’re probably on your way by now….have a safe trip. Hope you are able to check in with us from time to time…let us know how much fun you are having.

    I’ve been eyeing that noodle dish of yours for the past couple days….makes me hungry every time I see it….lol Gonna have to look back and see if you posted the recipe for it… ;)

    I like to listen to 80’s rock when we travel :D

  9. Hope you guys have a safe trip :)

  10. mmm those tomatos are just killing me looking at them .. yum!
    my fave music to listen to is anything i can sing on a trip.

  11. I have lots of really random mixes that have anything from Phish, O.A.R, and the Grateful Dead to Dr. Dre and Paul Simon :) I also run to random mixes, always keeps you guessing!

  12. Ah your salad looks great! You know, it’s funny because while running I listen to all rap and hip hop. Seriously anything from Black Eyed Peas to Crime Mob! LOL. But when I’m driving, I’m feelin’ the country music.

  13. sounds like you are all packed & ready to go! hope you have tons of fun!

    love the pasta and broccoli combo!

  14. Love Abba! Classic!
    Don’t worry about a bit of less veggies. I hardly had any veggies in my own vacation, but I survived! :-)
    Enjoy your trip!

  15. have an awesome vacay! road music is the best – 80s classics are perfect car tunes!

  16. Have a great vacation. I love Jimmy Buffet :) My husband got me into him.

  17. I have lots of memories of Classic Rock on road trips with my family so that really makes me think of traveling.

    I love that you are going to Honduras. That is one place I wish I had travelled when I was studying spanish in college. God bless!

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