Rushin' Around

Ah!!! Today has been just going and going, non stop.

I got everything done at work, finished all the lists I was working on, AND thankfully remembered to call and have a new EpiPen sent to my pharmacy. My other one was expired, and I will definitely need that if I get stung by a bee.

I packed a snack for this afternoon and never even took it out of the fridge. I was hungry alright…I was just so busy this afternoon that I didn’t stop for a minute to actually get it out. Oh well – at least I got everything done!

Dinner was super quick and easy, thanks to the leftovers from last night.


I had a serving of the leftover pasta along with some extra broccoli and a Mr. Stripey tomato from our garden!


I love having fresh tomatoes – I hope we don’t miss too many while we’re gone!


Extra cilantro is always a good thing.

I’ve had a lot of broccoli and tomatoes today! Good thing I like them, I guess.

We ran more errands after work to get me some leather gloves and a cheap/smaller wallet for the trip. I think that’s it – for now  :) If we have to buy anything more, we won’t have any more room!

I’ve been working on laying out my clothes and all our supplies so we can pack everything up in the morning and get on our way. And now I’m ready for pajamas and a little popcorn snack.

make sure to add your location here if you haven’t done so! I’m trying to see where all the readers are – it’s so cool to see where everyone is from!

Are you allergic to anything?

I’m allergic to bee stings and Zest soap. Other than that, I don’t think I’m allergic to anything else.


  1. I have a TONS of food allergies – but no other “regular” allergies.

  2. I have seasonal allergies that come and go and I’m mildly allergic to cats but nothing that will kill me! Umm…can we talk about how Lifetime switched up their schedule?! Not pleased.

  3. I’m allergic to sulfa (I just get a rash) and grass. Haha, I get all itchy if I sit or lie down in the grass. It can be really annoying, but thankfully I don’t have any serious allergic reactions to anything. Your dinner looks really yummy!

  4. -copy you on the bee stings. those epi-pens are dang expensive too!

    -regular laundry detergent…I got a big time rash from it and it was the reason why I began looking into what chemicals are in basic cleaning and beauty products. zest soap has tons of bad stuff in it by the way.

  5. I am allergic to grass and mold which makes working at a golf course really hard :D

    Good luck getting everything packed!!

  6. I am allergic to doing laundry :P

  7. Just gluten and penecillin and a slight dairy intolerance. Nothing life threatening as long as I watch what I eat, thank goodness!

  8. Those tomatoes look great:) I’m severely allergic to most types of shellfish, especially scallops, mussels, and clams. It stinks because I absolute love shellfish haha.

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