Toss It In

Man, I’m worn out already!

I got out of the house and went everywhere I needed:

  • Target – done
  • Walmart – done
  • Goodwill – done!
  • Farmer’s Market for just 2 more peaches – done  :)
  • Kroger – done
  • Health food store – done
  • Gas in the car – done

I can’t believe how much more money packaged foods cost! We don’t buy many granola bars, 100 calorie packs, etc, but those are the kinds of things we need for the trip. I spent more today getting stuff for the trip next than I normally do on a week’s worth of groceries for us! I feel like we got everything we needed to get, plus my dad and Nick’s parents are getting stuff, too, so we should be set.

We have a few more things to pick up tomorrow and I have to exchange some sharpies for the bigger ones, but I think we’re pretty much ready after that.

I got an iced latte while I was out running around and it held me over perfectly until I got home at 2:30 to have lunch.


Lunch today came together pretty quickly – I had some stuff I needed to use up in the fridge, so I just tossed it all in one bowl and went for it.


  • romaine
  • arugula/spinach mix
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • yellow jubilee tomato from our garden!
  • salt
  • drizzled with olive oil


I’ve got laundry going, and I’m going to look up the basic recipe for dinner + dessert tonight. They should both be good.

Do you find that it costs more to eat healthier things or pre-packaged stuff?I know everyone “thinks” that eating healthier costs more, but not for us. I couldn’t believe how much I spent today and most of what I bought was 100 calorie packs of healthy things like nuts, granola bars, and travel stuff (sanitizer, wipes, shampoo), etc.


  1. I really think it depends on how much organic you buy but and how cheap you actually go when eating foods that are less nutritious. For us, what breaks the bank is eating out :(

  2. wow you’ve gotten a ton of stuff done already!
    I always find that packaged stuff cost wayy more. I got a sweet potato for 49 cents!! amazing!

  3. prepacked stuff is always more expensive…i hate it!

  4. Yellow jubilee tomoato? Mmmm, Mmmm…..looks so good!

  5. I rarely eat packaged stuff, and mostly just buy fresh produce. When that’s the biggest part of your diet, it does get pretty pricey! Your salad looks yummy :)

  6. I’m so jealous of your tomato!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. one of my friends says she doesn’t have the money to eat healthy or join a gym. i always tell her that you dont have to join a gym to get a good workout. and I TRULY believe that healthy food IS cheaper than packaged foods & meats.

    since becoming mostly vegan we spend way less on food than we used to. a box of waffles (6) lasts like 3 days and costs $2.50. a loaf of bread lasts longer than a box of waffles.

    bags of beans are super cheap! and canned beans are still cheap.

    the boxes of quorn and meatless products are sooooooooo expensive and don’t get me started on greek yogurt! eeeeeeek!

    but healthy foods, fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, legumes are soooooooooooo cheap!

    but when hubby wants soda, chips, crackers, etc – the food bill goes way way up and thats not even counting any meat! thats just on packaged items and junk!

    healthy = cheaper – i totally agree w/ you girlie!

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