Frenched + Pressed

Good morning!

Happy Saturday, and thank goodness it’s finally here, right?

I’ve got a super busy day today and am already taking too long to get going. Oh well – having no alarm clock going off this morning was glorious, breakfast was awesome, and now I’m getting on my way.

Nick gave me a lesson on how to make French Press coffee in our big press, so now I can make it if he’s not here!

We have 2 French Presses – 1 baby, 1 mama.


After finding out how much better french press coffee was, we went out and bought the big mama french press a few months ago…and we rarely use the baby one anymore. It would be the perfect size if just one of us wanted coffee, though.

I also got to grind some of our Sumatra beans in our antique grinder this morning!


Does that count as an arm workout?  :)

All in all, I made a good cup of coffee this morning!


We had the end of that cinnamon raisin loaf left, so Nick made some french toast + the last of the turkey bacon this morning while I worked on the coffee and cut up fruit.

This cinnamon raisin bread made the BEST french toast! I eat my french toast naked – no syrup, nothing. I never used to put syrup on it when my mom made her french toast, and I just got used to it that way! I love being able to taste the bread, eggs, and cinnamon/vanilla in the batter.


I got this bread at our farmer’s market last weekend and it was still perfect today. This new bakery at the market started just par-baking some of their breads, so they last longer. Basically, they only bake them about 1/2 -3/4 of the way and then it has instructions for you to finish it at home AND that means you get to have hot, fresh bread out of the oven when you make it. They also have freezing instructions on the bag, too, which is nice.


We had 3 slices of bread to use: 1 big, 1 medium, and 1 little. We each had one slice and then split one between the two of us.


I also cut up our last farmer’s market peach + some strawberries.

I’m hoping to stop by the market today for just a few peaches to get us through Tuesday. They are so good and I’m already sad that we ate the last one this morning.

Alright – I’ve got to get going!

My agenda is super full today and I’m getting a late start:

  • Target for tiny aleve containers
  • Walmart for some food stuff plus sanitizer, tp, etc for the trip
  • Kroger for the rest of the food + the few groceries I’m getting
  • Farmer’s market?
  • Goodwill/YMCA thrift store to look for extra suitcases for the trip

Then back for something for lunch?, laundry, and starting to get stuff packed.

At least I have a fun dinner planned that we haven’t had in a while!

What do you like on your french toast? AND what’s your favorite QUICK and EASY lunch? I need ideas for today  :)


  1. that coffee grinder is gorgeous! i love it.

    quick lunch? massive salad and a pb sandwich!

  2. I love your coffee grinder! My French press exploded on me, and I can’t wait to get another one.
    Lunch usually = a huge salad with hummus or some sort of beans and chopped cheese topping.

  3. I love my French Toast slathered in syrup with some powdered sugar. I rarely have french toast, so when I do, I do it up good :-D And my fav quick lunch is a tuna wrap with zucchini and fire roasted tomatoes inside, then some microwaved acorn squash on the side.

  4. Your coffee grinder is so cool!! I like maple syrup on french toast, and my favorite quick lunch is a salmon burger or a veggie burger. Or eggplant slices with a sandwich (

    Have a great day–good luck getting everything done :)

  5. Love the grinder!!! Totally trumps my little electric one ;)

  6. I bet that coffee is so good!

    I am making my favorite quick and easy lunch today, tuna salad!

  7. Hey there Brandi!! :D Happy Saturday to you!

    Oh boy…..does that pic of your breakfast make my belly growl and my mouth water…lol It’s only 9 something in my neck of the woods and I still haven’t had my breaky ;)

    My fast and quick lunch is a huge salad with a mixture of greens, with sliced grilled chicken and lots of raw veggies and non fat cottage cheese on top.

    Have a fabulous Saturday!

  8. french toast is best w/ smashed bananas that is mixed w/ pb and cinnamon…omg so good. or warmed mixed berries…to die for!

  9. I’ve never had french-pressed coffee, but I can just imagine the amazing aroma! mmmMMM~
    And french toast is awesome with bacon and cheese and maple syrup for that sweet and savory combo!
    Oh, and quick and easy lunch: my favorite is my mix-it-up bowls!

  10. Oh man that coffee mug is hilarious! :-P Neat coffee grinder, too!

  11. Ha – LOVE the coffee mug. For me – I LOVE pure maple syrup on my french toast with a little whipped butter – so good! Oh and sometimes bananas and walnuts for a little variety.

  12. HA! what a funny mug!

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