Last Flippin' Chance

Ah! I’m having major computer issues this morning – here’s hoping it actually posts correctly! My laptop won’t load my profile/screen with all my folders, etc? Anyone know how to fix that?


Alright, I’ve been working on overdrive on what to do for my last set of pancakes for this challenge. I’ve been making lists, crossing stuff off, changing my mind…

This is basically what I’ve been thinking for the past 2 days:

Another sweet one?

But what else would I do?

I did Strawberry + Nutella.

I did S’mores.

I did Cinnamon Roll.

I did PB & J.

No, not another sweet one.

But what then?


It has to be savory! I know I love a good Bob’s Breakfast, so what else could I do to jazz them up?

You probably know my obsession with eggs anyways, so what was I waiting for?


I think I’ll call these Fiesta Siesta Pancakes.


The basic pancake recipe was the same I’ve been using but without the cinnamon:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup egg whites (all I had left) plus a splash of milk
  • pinch salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder

In between the pancakes are 2 slices of turkey bacon, sliced avocado, and some peach salsa Nick’s sister brought with them a few weekends ago.


Top with an over easy egg and slice of avocado, plus a little crushed red pepper + salt?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I may like these just as much (or more!) than all my sweet creations!


I cannot help but love runny eggs. I don’t know what it is about them, but that + pancakes + avocado + sweet and spicy salsa all in one dish is perfection.

Why the “siesta” in the name? Because now I need a nap  :)

Happy Friday!

Do you talk to yourself (or others) about how good something while you’re eating it? I could not stop talking while eating my pancakes this morning. Every bite was “this is so good!”. Of course, that was inbetween the “what’s wrong with my computer?!?”  :)


  1. um…fabulous to a whole new level?! I don’t know if I could do those for breakfast, but they sound like an amazing lunch/dinner! :D

    I live by myself, but my Facebook status is (too) often something like “ellie is eating the best XXX ever!” :P

  2. Cutest title EVER! Both for the post title and the pancake title. Sending you another email…

  3. OMG, Bran. These look so flippin’ delicious :D

  4. Your pictures are amazing!! Talk about food porn, haha. :)

  5. Oh my gosh – what a great idea!!! I love the idea of eggs with pancakes. And I love me some ‘cado. I’m going to try and experiment with new breakfast foods (I always eat the SAME everyday, and it’s not filling me up anymore), so I definitely will try some of your great pancake ideas!!

  6. Ok girl, now you seriously got my mouth watering…lol Looks great! Yummy with a capital Y! :D

  7. Wow that looks like a restaurant-quality breakfast! Yum! :)

  8. aaah!!! love it :) you can make me pancakes any day ;)

  9. Brandi–your creations are just out of this world! You should open up your own pancake joint, I would totally come :-) I actually prefer savory over sweet usually.

  10. Brandi – this looks amazing!!! You’re much more creative than I when it comes to pancakes.

    Yes. When something works out well, I can’t stop talking about it too. Something about the unexpected turning out well. You know it’s ESPECIALLY good when your hubby can’t stop talking about it either. Glad you had one of those moments!

    Good luck with your computer problems. Urgh.

  11. Of course I do. I can’t stop talking about food… good or bad… when I’m eating it, not eating. Ha ha

  12. I do have a running commentary while I eat, good or bad!

  13. Those pancakes look delicious! What a great idea for savory pancakes–you’re so creative. I don’t really have a commentary when I eat, but my mom definitely does :)

  14. okay seriously, you are soo creative. that looks amazing! and runny eggs are my favorite!

  15. I’m not a big sweet eaters so these pancakes sound AWESOME!! I hope your computer issues get straightened out :(

  16. Now this is pretty interesting. :)

  17. Wow I just don’t know if I could wrap my mind around those! Lol! I still don’t know how to incorporate avocado into anything, lol. I’m so pathetic.
    good luck with the computer!

  18. hmmm….i don’t think i’ve ever eaten something ultra delicious enough to say “mmmm” to while by myself – that has to change!!!

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