Out of Office

Brandi is currently out of the office; please don’t call back or email or stop by.  Thank you.

Oh, how I would love to do something like that some day. :)

Well, my lunch plans changed completely today, so that was fun and unexpected. Nick ended up going out to eat with his lab mates, and I got kidnapped by 2 coworkers for lunch even though I should have stayed and had what I packed.

What are you going to do, though, right?

No pictures from lunch (and no time to post them anyways), but I did have a hard boiled egg as a snack around 11. I was so hungry! Maybe my stomach got used to those pancakes and was missing them? I’m glad I had a snack with me.


While I have no fun food pics, here’s a few things I’m looking forward to:





Okay…so maybe it’s just one thing I’m looking forward to?

Hurry up football season!!!  51 days, 51 days…


Make sure to check out these awesome giveaways today! Or don’t and say you did so I have a better chance.

If you could put up any away message for work, what would it be? BE HONEST!!! This should be fun.



    I don’t know what it is, but everyone always comes to me for help!

    I enjoy football season for one reason only! My daughter and I spend the whole day together! My husband and step-son are HUGE football fans (Go Bears!).

    Although, we got mad at DirectTV last year when we went high def – they said that they couldn’t do it because of where we lived – the guy literally was in my driveway for 1 minute and said – yeah the satellite won’t work here. Huh? We had DirectTV for 5 years before that!

    So no more super fan pack, where my husband could watch on Monday night EVERY GAME WITHOUT COMMERCIALS!

    So we’ll see how he does in this downsized selections of games!

  2. Go away, and don’t come back. I am reading blogs.

  3. Napping until 4:30 p.m.

  4. And also….

    Remember: I am not the corrector of your mistakes.

  5. What? You mean reading blogs isn’t my job?

  6. I could rip your head off if you say one word, so go ahead.


  7. Oooo I don’t think i can be REALLY honest… haha but I sit at the front desk in our building so I’m at the front lines. Sometimes I wish I could wear a shirt that just says “Don’t talk to me.”

  8. Cannot WAIT for Steelers football!

    Um, I guess my message would be for consultants to not email me any more questions. Ever.

  9. Get your questions in now because if you make me stay overtime I WILL curse your name.

    Haha that was fun!

    I was totally just thinking about how I can’t wait for football to start! I am so not a baseball person so this part of the sports year is tough.

  10. OMG Can I borrow your message today – it is SO one of those days for me!

    The Husband is totally counting the days til Football too – I will definitely have to share that there are only 51 days :)

    Thanks for the Annie’s contest shoutout – good luck!

  11. Hahaha, I love this topic. I’m sure I won’t be unique in this, but I will say:

    Please leave me alone as I am catching up on my Google Reader. You may enter if bringing coffee or pastries.

  12. PEACE OUT!!

    Actually, I think my o/o/o for tomorrow might be nicer than that, but that’s usually what I want to write! ;-)

  13. Don’t try to sweet talk me. Just cut the BS so I can get started on whatever you want me to do!

    GREAT question.

    I am excited for football but since I like baseball season I’m more than happy right now. But the fall is my favorite season!

  14. Let’s GO HOKIES

  15. LOL My boyfriend is acting all crazed about football coming too.
    if I left an away msg at work I’d probably say something like…
    “won’t reply because i’m working my butt off!” lol. i wish i could read blogs at work, but i do read comments at work :)

  16. Hey!!! Eagles representing!

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