Busy Bran

Today has been busy, busy.

Busy at work, and busy trying to get last minute stuff done before leaving for Honduras a week from today! Ah!

I have a monster list going of everything we need to pack and things we need to buy this weekend before leaving. Let’s just the say the list keeps getting longer and I’m getting a little anxious about making sure we have everything!

Any guesses what lunch was?



Yup.  And good ones!


Leftover pasta pie + roasted asparagus. Am I the only one that thinks pasta gets better after sitting at least one night? It always tastes better the second time to me – I guess because the sauce gets to really soak into the pasta.


And more cantaloupe + a few berries

I’ve got a full afternoon of work, then a chiropractor appointment, a trip to the pharmacy for some meds for our trip, then home for dinner.

Today is the LAST day to get your guest post to me if you want one posted while I’m gone! It can be about anything – use your imagination  :)

What are your packing/prepping methods before leaving on a trip?


  1. I am a big time list maker. I have had my beach list going for over a month and vacay is still a month away!

  2. Definitely a big long list and I start packing way in advance so I don’t forget ANYTHING! I feel your anxiety pain, I’m right with ya today!

    I love leftovers like pasta and rice dishes, all the flavors really marry and the food tastes WAY better.

  3. I am THE most awful bratty packer. I procrastinate forever, and then when I do pack, I end up unzipping the suitcase, taking everything back out again, and removing at least 3-4 complete outfits that I’ve overpacked.

    I’m a loon.

    GL with your trip prep!

  4. Oh you’re not alone. I love pasta leftovers. My husband refuses to eat them, so I get to go to town!

  5. Leftover pasta is the best! My husband and I actually really love pasta left in the strainer when it’s cooled off and gotten just a little sticky. Weird, but at least we both like it! ;-)

  6. I’ll send you a guest post! Where should I send it to? What should the theme be?

  7. like everyone else said; i am big on lists….i already have a typical travel packing list on my computer that i print out and taylor to each trip. i also like to listen to music from where i’m going to get myself psyched while i pack!

  8. I definitely make a list, especially of stuff I need to grab the morning of–hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts case + solution. I always forget those things!

  9. If you haven’t already bought them, those vacuum space savers are a LIFE saver! I love them, they save so much room in my suitcase!

  10. Definitely getting my list together and making sure I remember to pack everything–especially vitamins, good snacks, and books/mags! Have a wonderful and safe trip dear!

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