Name That Dream

I’m glad I’m not the only one that has (and remembers) crazy dreams sometimes!

One dream that I used to have a lot when I was younger – are you ready for this? – was that King Kong came to our town and was eating everyone.

They hired me to train him to eat candy instead, so I would ride around town on his shoulders and he would rip the roofs off of 7-11s and take all the candy and we would just walk around the city, laughing and eating all kinds of candy together. Specifically mambas, Hershey’s bars, and the crazy dips – those are some of the ones I remember.

The dream goes fine like that until he decides he wants to eat people again, and I always wake up right when he is dangling me over his mouth… crazy, right? And I remember having that dream at least 10 times when I was younger.

The weirdest part? I’ve never even seen King Kong!

Thankfully, I’m feeling much better now. Even knowing that dreams aren’t real, I’m always surprised how much one can really affect me and my mood.

Lunch may look a little familiar  :)


I had the last serving (yay!) of the alpine mushroom pasta + TONS, like 3 cups of broccoli at the bottom of the dish.

I’m happy that this is the last serving because I’m ready for something else AND I’m happy and proud that we didn’t end up throwing any of it away. I hate wasting food.

Plus some cantaloupe/berries.

Back to work!

Please make sure to get your guest post to me by tomorrow night if you’d like one posted while I’m gone next week! The ones I’ve received so far are great, and I can’t wait to put them up!

Since we’re on the subjects of dreams today, what’s the craziest/weirdest/best/whatever dream you’ve had that you remember?


  1. Well, I once dreamed that I was tripping on acid with my mom in a glass house in the sky. All of which is just nutso.

  2. Dreams are ridiculous! Did you ever have one where your teeth are falling out? That’s supposed to mean something, and it’s a common one among people. I had it once – it creeped me out!

    My mom used to live in a somewhat haunted house when I was a kid, and I remember having a dream about a homeless woman standing near a burn barrel. It was an image I picked up from TV. I remember my mom saying, “Don’t worry. You’ll forget about it soon.” I never did.

  3. that dream is hilarious. training king kong to eat candy? love it.

    i had nightmares about the world ending after seeing independence day for two straight months. yeah, my parents regretted taking me to see that one.

  4. Oh wow, that’s a crazy dream! I swear I have my craziest dream every night! lol

  5. Woohoo for not wasting any food :) My family is SO bad with that!

    Haha to the king kong dream!

  6. that dream is CRAZAAAY! I must admit, it sounds kinda fun to feed King Kong candy…until he wants to eat me of course!

    I’ve had very vivid dreams about break-ups and I wake up thinking it really happened? So weird.

  7. My first vivid dream that i remember was when i was at my grandma’s house with my cousin and then the monster from “where the wild things are” was coming so he ran inside and i stupidly decided to hide in a monster-foot-size hole in the ground, so he walked over me. when i got up i saw a panther in the woods so i ran into the basement and hid by my grandma’s sewing table/basket. and then he came in with a magnifying glass, trench coat, and hat – like the pink panther, but still black.
    i had this dream when i went to my grandparents house often. lol.

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