I had the most disturbing dream last night. Not scary, not bloody, nothing like that. But it really affected me. I was up earlier than normal because I just didn’t want to go back to sleep.

I hate how dreams can feel so real sometimes. I know what happened in my dream was totally not true, but the main topic of my dream (and what the distrubing dream was ultimately about) IS real, very real for me this week.

Needless to say, I was in kind of a strange mood when I woke up. Not angry or mad but just very confused and hurt, I guess. Even though it’s not real! and I know that!

After all that and trying to decompress with a little early morning news, I wanted a comforting breakfast.



Sometimes, nothing beats some runny eggs over oatbran  :)

Plus this amazing peach from our farmer’s market!


Best one of the season, hands down. Good thing we still have a bowl full for this week! I also had a few raspberries, blackberries, and some turkey bacon.

Do you ever crazy dreams? Do you actually remember them once you wake up?

I actually remember a lot of my dreams. I still remember a bunch I had when I was younger and ones that I had repeatedly, which was strange.


  1. Aww, Brandi, so sorry about your crazy dream :(

    I definitely have those, especially if I go to sleep really late. They are extremely vivid and when I wake up I actually have to breathe deeply and tell myself that it isn’t true! I wonder if it’s a genetic thing, how we experience dreams and what we remember because my grandma is the EXACT same way.

    Hope your day gets better!

  2. Sorry about the crazy dreams. Crazy dreams come to visit me a lot and I am really fascinated by them. A lot of times, I forget them upon waking which always makes me mad because all day long I try to remember!

  3. sorry you had a rough night! I often have very vivid dreams and am never quite sure when I wake up whether I dreamt it or whether it happened!

  4. I hate crazy dream nights! Most of the time, the dreams that get to me the most are the ones where I pretty much have a “normal” day in my dream, except for one weird detail…

  5. Sorry about the bad dream Brandimuff!!!! I remember dreams only if I talk about them the moment that I wake up. Have a good day & forget about that dream! :D

  6. I love crazy dreams, that is if I remember them.

  7. i hate bad dream nights – just the scary ones. why they seem so real even though they are not is still beyond me. however, those eggs + oatbrean + yummy fruit more than makes up for it. have a happy (bad dream-free) day!

  8. Aww, sorry about the freaky dream. I had some weird ones last night, too. I can usually remember snippets of them, and usually I remember them much more clearly right after I wake up. The memory usually fades later. I can still remember some terrifying ones, though.

  9. I have been having really disturbing dreams the past few nights that wake me up in the middle of the night and then I have a hard time going back to sleep. I’ve always been a vivid dreamer though. I remember a lot of the ones from when I was younger too. I had a lot of repeats like you.

    I hope you feel better as the morning goes on, I know sometimes it’s just hard to shake the feeling!

  10. Sorry bout that dream…..that stinks!

    Your breakfast eggs look devine delish! You got me craving them now…lol I usually always go the hard boiled route, but I may just have to venture out a bit for a change. :D

  11. sorry you had a disturbing dream:(. I remember mine pretty often, and I can definitely remember several from my childhood. Sometimes when I think about the happy ones, I’m almost excited to get back to sleep because I might have it again. That may be weird:(. But I’ve had the disturbing ones too…they leave you totally off for part of the day, even though you know they’re not real. I hate those….especially the ones where my hubby does something crappy or says something crappy. I’m mad at him in the morning and he doesn’t know why. Hoping for GREAT dreams for you tonight instead!

  12. Bah to crazy dreams :( Ironically I had one this weekend that was so screwy that I actually woke up crying!

  13. RUNNY YOLKS ARE THE BEST. Pretty much over anything – I
    would probably eat a shoe if it had a runny egg on top of it :)

    I usually have pretty normal dreams unless I take a sleep aid, I once took a Benadryl and had such scary dreams I felt like I was a Vietnam War vet and woke up in a pile of sweat. Gross I know.


  14. You’re making me crave blackberries and raspberries!

  15. i had a crazy dream last night about brad pitt…so cliche right?! i don’t even really like him!

  16. The eggs look so tantalizing! I might dream about them tonight!

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