On A Roll

What could possibly make Monday morning better?

No work? Yeah, but that’s not happening.

Start of a vacation? Sure, but that’s not happening either.

Pancakes? Oh yeah.


But not just any pancakes – Cinnamon Roll Pancakes for another challenge entry  :)

I made the oatmeal pancake recipe again this morning but forgot the baking powder! So, they’re not as fluffy as normal, but still tasty  :)  I guess forgetting an ingredient is what makes it a Monday morning breakfast, right?


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • pinch cinnamon
  • pinch salt

Then I topped the pancakes with 1 Tbsp cinnamon raisin pb and “icing” made out of fat free plain yogurt + 1 tsp maple syrup.


Oh yeah, and some fruit.


Breakfast was great – let’s hope it spills over into the workday!

Have you made your pancake entry yet? What are you waiting for?!?  :)


  1. YUM! I love pancakes, and you know? I dont think i’ve put baking powder in mine in months!

  2. You are the pancake Queen, bran!

  3. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes???? Damn, those are divine.

  4. those look great! If I had egg whites, I’d be making those right now (STILL forgetting the baking powder). I did a pancake twist ;)

  5. Did I say that your last pancake creation was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen? Because if I did, I’m going to need to take it back. Those cinnamon roll pancakes are without a doubt the most amazing pancakes EVER!

    And you are so much fun!

    P.S. I’m sending you an email :)

  6. Ohmygosh, those pancakes look divine and I love your icing improvisation!! Have a great Monday :)

  7. You are on a roll girl! This is genius =)

  8. Those pancakes sound heavenly!! I loooooove cinnamon ;)

  9. Haha, that’s awesome! Those look delish – and could definitely make a Monday morning better.

  10. Looks amazing. I haven’t tried them out yet, and I just keep forgetting i guess. lol.

  11. After reading your post this am, I am so having to rethink my measly cakes! Wow! Impressive!
    I’d love your thoughts about my foodies, and please! Last day to enter my superfood giveaway!

  12. Ooh, those pancakes would make ANY morning better. Wow, they look amazing–even without the baking powder :)

  13. Can I declare you a winner now? Cause so far, all your entries have been amazing!

  14. Yes, um, about that deal. We need to make that happen ASAP.

  15. Honey, you simply make the BEST looking p’cakes around. Srsly. Brazillant! You should open a restaurant.

  16. mmmm….love the idea of “icing”

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