Cookie Failure

Well, I tried making the cookies tonight but I guess it was still just a little too humid. They’re not totally ruined, but they definitely didn’t set up like normal.

No worries though – we always find some way of finishing them, even if we just have to scoop them off the parchment paper with a spoon  ;)

I was so busy at work today! Tons of submissions, emails, plus I had to send reminder letters, do my leave report….it felt like today was never going to end!

I brought out my afternoon snack around 4


I packed some celery + some spicy three pepper hummus. Man! I forgot how spicy this hummus is! My eyes were watering a bit, but it was good.

We got home and I got started on the cookies that didn’t quite make it while Nick finished pruning our pear tree. After working on that stuff for about an hour, I got dinner ready.

Dinner was pretty easy since the major part was leftover pasta pie.


Or pile o’ noodles  :)


It may not have stayed in “perfect pie slices” but this pasta pie sure is tasty!


I also roasted some asparagus for about 10 minutes while I reheated the pasta.

I’m going to finish watching some HIMYM  with Nick and pack lunch for tomorrow.

Make sure to check out even more giveaways – there’s tons today!

What is your favorite cookie?


  1. Yay HIMYM. I didn’t see these episodes, so they are new to me. :D

    Thanks for linking to my contest.

  2. Love that show! :-D

    Favorite cookie = Dark Chocolate-Caramel.

  3. amazing looking pasta girlie!

  4. Maybe you can mix the cookies into vanilla ice cream and make some bangin’ cookie dough stuff. :)

    My fave cookies are these m & m ones from a local bakery… they’re like big puffy sugar cookies with m & m’s throughout. Mmmm…

  5. I like oatmeal cookies of any kind – and I really like no-bake cookies. Simple and I never get them but I LOVE them!

  6. Cookies. Chocolate chip of course. Just chocolate chip.

  7. that asparagus looks soooo good. favorite cookie – plain old fashioned chocolate chip!

  8. I love me a cookie that contains oats in some way. But I guess that is to be expected :)

  9. I love snickerdoodle cookies! Yum :D

  10. Ohhh, I’d love it if you could post your recipe for your spicey three pepper hummus. I have been on a hummus kick lately, and can’t get enough of

    Your dinner tonight looked fab!

    Thanks so much for the heads up on the giveaways!

    • Hi Linda! It’s actually a hummus that I bought at Kroger, but it is very good and spicy. I know it has some crushed red pepper in it because you can see the flakes :)

  11. Aw, boo on the cookie failure.

    I really like triple chocolate cookies with white, milk and dark chocolate chips and chocolate batter. Mmmm

  12. My fav cookie would have to be either a everyday oatmeal raisin or a puffy molasses cookie!!

  13. i think i have the same plate theme in a different color – do they say “swirl” on the bottom?!

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