Bring Out Your Geek

Looks like the pancake craze is catching on! I can’t believe some of the flavor combinations people are coming up with, but I love it!

My baking-powder-less pancakes kept me full all the way until lunch time, which is awesome. That icing made those pancakes. I think I need to make a vat of the icing just to have on hand…

Lunch today was thanks to (duh) more leftovers – are we ever without some type of leftover? I don’t think so.


I brought a serving of the Alpine Mushroom Pasta and added about 1-2 cups of broccoli for a little more veggie-action.

Plus some super juicy cantaloupe (a really good one!) and a few berries leftover from this morning.

Such a produce-filled lunch! That makes me happy.

So, in fun news – today is Embrace your Geekiness Day!

In honor of that, I thought I would give you a taste of just how geeky I really am sometimes.

  • Syntax was one of my favorite classes in college. Yes, it’s all grammar and diagramming sentences…but so much fun!
  • I know all the words to every song in The Sound of Music. Why? I had the soundtrack. In high school.
  • I went to summer school through middle school because I wanted to. Those summer enrichment programs were so much fun!

Alright, so spill it – embrace the geek in you! What makes you a geek sometimes?

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  1. You would never know I was a geek…except that I am a scientist! Just got my MS in molecular biology! woot!

  2. I love, love to read. Which is not all that nerdy, except sometimes I will stay in on a weekend night with a good book instead of drinks and dinner. Uh, nerdy.

  3. Haha – you know mine as I just had a post about this the other day! I love geeking out on anything involving bookmaking, which means measuring devices, folding and cutting.

    I’m also a syntax fanatic too, though not as sever as I used to be :)

  4. i love produce filled meals! i have a lot of nerdy qualities haha. i also love grammar, syntax, and basically anything related to linguistics. and i am such a nerd when it comes to musical theater. seriously – i listen to musicals at the gym, i saw rent 13 times, i kind of idolize stephen sondheim. it’s a little embarrassing. :)

  5. I LOVE grammar and knowing quirky random history facts. I get really excited when I get to share them with people :)

  6. I’m a grammar geek too! Loved taking lingustics and diagramming sentences… hmm… might explain why I’m an editor now. :o)

  7. I’m a grammar geek too! Loved taking linguistics and diagramming sentences… hmm… might explain why I’m an editor now. :o)

  8. In high school I went to Latin Convention several times. We dressed up in togas, did chariot races, and participated in other waaay geeky Latin activities.

  9. I’m all about the geekiness :)

    *I just called my Dad to see if he wanted to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter on Tuesday night

    * I am in bed each night at 9:30 so I can get some reading timing in before I promptly pass out at 10:00

    *I am damn proud of passing every AP class I took in high school and still brag about it

  10. I am definitely in the grammar geek category, I now edit for a living.

    My senior year of HS I just needed to take regular English IV to graduate but took 6 AP/concurrent enrollment classes just for fun. (Graduated with the highest weighted GPA hehe).

    I went through a 3 year period where I read like 50 books about the mafia. I don’t know if that’s nerdy or creepy though, I promise I’m not IN the mafia ; )

    There’s more, just can’t think of it off the top of my head. But geeks are totally hot IMO!

  11. Glad to know everyone has a little geek in them.

    I’m a geek because

    1. Whenever we go hiking/outdoors/anywhere natural I stop the whole hiking party and start talking about the geographical origin and development of the landscape. From shattered rocks to soil and trees..I’m crazy about that sort of stuff. When I first started dating my hubby, I told him that for our date we were going on a “leaf expedition.” He totally thought I was joking. But nope, we went checking out leaves all afternoon and taking photos.

    2. I can never stay up late at parties. I fall asleep during movies. I’m generally in bed by 9pm. Pretty lame, I know.

  12. Oh I am a huge geek – it is great. LOL!
    I like to be at home, on the computer, with my boyfriend. Or watching shows.
    I get excited about food blogging way too much.
    I love school!

  13. i’m a total gamer geek. i’m worried about having kids b/c i may play their video games.

  14. I *heart* you (in a non-creepy way, of course)

    I got perfect SAT scores. If that doesn’t make me a geek, I don’t know what does. Grammar nerd and proud of it! Brandi, we would get along so well; my favorite class in college was Linguistics! If they’d offered a Syntax class, I woulda been all over it ;)

  15. Fantastic lunch – I LOVE all your geekiness! :)

  16. I’m a total geek, but I will limit myself here for brevity:

    I would much rather browse grocery ads and grocery stores than any other fashion magazine or mall.

    Staying up past midnight is pushing it for me these days.

    My mom calls my phone more than anyone else. Whether I like it or not.

    Food Network over E! any day.

    I know more about baseball and hockey than most men–this makes me a sports geek, but I proudly fly the freak flag.

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