Friday Morning Feast

Thank you all so much for your comments, suggestions, and thoughts last night – I appreciate them  :)

Happy happy Friday!!! I’m so glad it’s almost the weekend!

While I didn’t have pancakes today, I did make a good breakfast to have instead.


2 over easy eggs on some oatbran


Plus some strawberries + kiwi.

Don’t worry though – this isn’t the end of the pancake challenge  :)  I’ve just got to finalize some ideas and make sure I have the ingredients!

What’s your favorite part about Fridays?

Mine is probably that it’s “casual” Friday at work so I get to wear jeans! That makes me so happy, since I would live in jeans if I could.


  1. Happy Friday! The best part of Friday for me is that everything seems to slow down and although it’s a weekday, it’s kind of weekend-infused :P

    Hope you have some fun stuff to do this weekend!

  2. i’m loving that kiwi – i haven’t bought it yet this season but its one of my faves! eggs + oat bran – i will have to try that soon!

  3. Yummy breakfast! At school, my favorite thing about Friday is just the excitement for the weekend. But here at home for the summer, the best thing is that my mom has friday off work, so I can hang with her :)

  4. You are SO lucky. I wish I could wear jeans on Fridays. It would make going out after work so much better!

  5. during the school year I always loved fridays because that was game day :)
    delicious breakfast!

  6. My favorite part is our office breakfast. We all take a few minutes to chat and relax and show off our cooking skills. Love that!


    My favourite part about Friday is that on Fridays we usually go out to eat…because I’m way too exhausted to do anything (including cook) on Friday evening. We usually go for sushi and eat on the beach and then head home for a chill evening.

    Enjoy your Friday!

  8. That fruit looks perfect! My favorite part about Friday is that I only work a a half day. :-)

  9. LOVE fried over easy eggs. Yours look so professionally done! Do you have a secret? Pretty bowl of fruit too.
    Favorite part about Fridays? It’s the last day of my work week, thank god. :)

  10. Favorite part of Fridays? Friday night shenanigans!! Have a good day :)

  11. I love Fridays because I love wrapping up projects and work before disappearing for two indulgent days of relaxation and fun!

    Have a wonderful Friday :)

  12. We don’t have a designated “casual Friday,” but that’s what I make it – assuming I don’t have any important meetings. I can’t wear jeans, but I can wear a less-dressy skirt and shirt type of thing.

    Believe it or not – Fridays are probably my least fav day of the week. The work day seems to go SUPER slow, my commute is always dreadful, and I’m dead tired from the week. I miss college days when I was all about the partying on a Friday!

  13. These strawberries and kiwi look so fresh and yummy!

  14. i keep meaning to try eggs on oats. pretty breakfast!

    i work freelance, so i feel like i never really know what day it is. but when i was working full time, fridays were my favorite because of the post-work wine! :)

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