The Rain Has Returned

Well, I knew our weather was too good to last!

It was kind of cloudy and gloomy today, but it seemed like the rain was going to bypass us. I brought a small snack today in case we did get to run, so I ate my hard boiled egg around 4 or s0 this afternoon.


It was a good snack, but the run did not happen. As soon as we got home, it started thundering really badly and looked pretty nasty outside, so we pushed the run back to tomorrow.

Nick got working on his dissertation stuff, and I went downstairs to do some yoga.

Tonight, I tried a 20 minute Gentle Hatha and a 20 minute Detox Flow download. They were the perfect ones for today. I’ve been having kind of a weird day and just thinking about a bunch of stuff/have a lot of stuff on my mind, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything more than this tonight. And I was right. I did those, felt great, and felt a bit better once I was done.

Tonight I made a meal that Nick refers to as “vegenarian”.

Anytime I make a meatless meal, he says I’m trying to make him go vegetarian :)  Or “vegenarian”, in our house.


I made this Alpine Mushroom Pasta from Eating Well tonight, but with a few changes:

  • I used just 2 small-er tomatoes from our garden: one red, one yellow
  • I didn’t do the whole wine/flour step because I didn’t feel like it and I didn’t have any wine  :)
  • I didn’t stir in the smoked cheddar – I just let Nick grate on as much as he wanted. I wasn’t in the mood for it on mine tonight.
  • I also just used baby portabellos (creminis)


I really liked the pasta dish! I may try it with some of the smoked cheese on it later because Nick said it was really good with the smoky cheddar. I really liked the flavors in the dish.

Well, I’m going to have a lazy night tonight – other than packing my lunch, reading my book, and getting in my pjs…I have no other plans.

What do you do to calm your mind?

Have you checked out Healthy Yum yet? You better! What a great idea Maggie and Tanya had! I can’t wait to see all the fabulous pictures that get posted, and it’s nice having a site like this that features healthier recipes! Great job, girls  :)


  1. Vegenarian or not, that pasta look glorious! I really do need to get back into yoga. I hate that I’ve let it get pushed to the back burner.

  2. Smokey cheddar and mushrooms?! You know I’m there! That sounds fantastic :)

    To calm my mind: zone out to random classical songs on my iPod

  3. I like yoga or a nice run to calm my mind. Works err’ time.

  4. That pasta looks delicious! Running always helps calm my mind. Any kind of workout will do, though :)

  5. When I first looked at that picture (the egg), I thought it was a big ball of mozzerella and I thought, “Girl likes her cheese!”

    My mind can be calmed for about two-second intervals by sitting outside in the sun and just breathing in the smells of summer (as long as my neighbor has scooped up her dog’s crap). Nature is so peaceful and amazing to me.

    If that doesn’t work, vodka (kidding).

  6. oh that pasta looks AMAZING! And yeah, with smoky cheese, it’ll be 120%~!
    I listen to praise songs when I wanna calm my mind…it really works!

  7. Sorry you are feeling so stressed :(

    Yoga calms my mind as does coloring a mandala.

  8. i say really nice things to myself and breathe.

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