La La Leftovers

Those pancakes sure fill me up!

Yesterday and this morning, I looked at those two pancakes on the plate and thought “they’ll never keep me full like a big bowl of oatmeal does” – but they proved me wrong both days!

I love having more breakfast options – my dad even left a comment this morning requesting the pancakes the next time they’re visiting  ☺  Will do!

I’m actually taking a break from my veggie barley stuff today, since I found more leftovers in the fridge that need to be eaten. I forgot how much food we had from this weekend!

I brought some of the leftover “bbq” pork loin I cooked on Saturday + some beans to heat up


Not the most appetizing picture, but it was tasty!

Plus a salad of romaine + tomato


Topped with the last of the whole wheat pasta salad


And more watermelon – only one serving left at home! I’m glad I didn’t get a normal sized one. There’s no way we would be able to finish it before it went bad.


Have a great summer dessert? Make sure to enter it here! I’ve already sent in a few and can’t wait to see the other submissions.

I’m going to read some of my book until lunch break is over – see you for dinner!


  1. I agree that pancakes can be filling. I find that as long I keep the meal balanced and use “whole” ingredients, pancakes can be just as filling as a hot bowl of oats!

  2. I love a pancake brekkie! I am really enjoying seeing yours! This mornings was especially pretty!

  3. That watermelon looks so perfect!!!

  4. Can I come over and help you deal with all those leftovers? Just trying to help you out here, haha!

  5. I love pork bbq, but my husband doesn’t like my version – its Tabasco and vinegar based! :D

  6. yum, i am addicted to watermelon right now!

  7. YUM to your leftover eats!

    I am impressed you already submitted a few recipes….I am pondering ideas but plan on submitting soon – fun!

  8. Umm that pork loin look amaaaazing as does the perfect summer watermelon. What a beautiful lunch!

  9. Pancakes are one of my faves – such a comfort food. They are just so yummy!! :-)

  10. Mmm, the watermelon looks so juicy! Gotta love fresh fruit in the summa time!

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