Snacky McSnackerson

Man, I was hungry today!

First, lunch.

I packed a simple salad of romaine + roma tomato


and then dumped a serving of my veggie and barley risott-no on top to maximize the veggie goodness.


Plus some watermelon! It’s still going, and going…


I have at least 2 cups left! Watch out for more tomorrow  :)

Work was pretty normal this afternoon, but my stomach was super hungry for some reason.

I had this cookie I picked up at lunch


It definitely looks bigger than it was – just a regular-a-little-smaller-than-my-palm chocolate chip cookie.

Of course, that didn’t put a dent in my hunger so I had the snack I packed for today – one serving of kashi sunshine + about 1/2 cup milk.


I love this cereal! It tastes like a mix of Capn’ Crunch and Kix. It’s Just Sweet Enough :)

Finally, my belly was happy. I drank some water and made it through the day.

Nick had a chiropractor appointment today, so I came home and did 2 20-minute yoga downloads – the Power Vinyasa Flow and a Hip Opening Flow. What a great way to spend 40 minutes winding down and breaking a sweat after work! I was only going to do one download, but the laundry was still in the dryer and Nick wasn’t back yet, so I just went ahead and kept going. I’m glad I did, because that hip opening download felt ah-mazing.

Plus, it’s always easier for me to spend more time working out when I know I have easy leftovers in the fridge.


We heated up the leftovers of the Hawaiian Chicken dish from last night, and I think it was even better!

Dishes with flavors like ginger, soy, and chile/garlic seem to get better after they sit. Tonight’s meal definitely proved that point – it was so spicy and the ginger really stood out tonight.


Makes me want to say aloha :)

I’ve been pretty productive tonight!

  • Yoga – done
  • Laundry – folded + put away
  • Dinner – eaten and enjoyed
  • Pajamas – on  ;)
  • Fun breakfast plan for tomorrow – done
  • Hard boiled eggs – cooking right now
  • Lunch packed – about to do that

Now the only things left are to have some popcorn + watch Top Chef Masters tonight! The guest is Neil Patrick Harris, aka Barney from HIMYM, aka Doogie Howser.

Do you have random super hungry days? Are there tried and true foods that satisfy you on days like that?


  1. I agree, foods with ginger definitely taste better over time!

    I think everyone has hungry days like that, which I think is totally normal. I usually try to listen to my body and see if I am craving something specific…if not, I just try to eat lots of protein and fiber foods, preferably spicy…like spiced beans or chicken breast with broccoli.

  2. MAN OH MAN, I do have days like that! Yesterday was one of them, I could not quench my hunger!

  3. I love it when I have hungry days. Food just taste so much tastier when I’m actually hungry! I like to eat huge bowls of oats then, or “binge” on kabocha.

  4. I am a fan of that Kashi cereal too. I just love it.

  5. You are so sweet to give me some link love :) That Hawaiian Chicken dish looks phenomenal! I definitely have Snacky McSnackerson days – and I find it tends to be on the days that I don’t work out. It’s so strange! You certainly filled up on good foods – that watermelon is a beautiful color!

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