Lavender Blackberry Truffle

Wow – it has been way too long since my last chocolate review!

I guess I haven’t been going as much lately, but I think I need to start again.


Nick’s sister wanted to go to the Chocolate Spike while they were in town this weekend, so we stopped by after church on Sunday.

I can’t go in there and not get something, so Nick and I split a dark chocolate dipped graham cracker (which was awesome) and I got this Lavender Blackberry Dark Chocolate Truffle.


I think I need a job here.


Could I just look at gorgeous chocolates and help create new flavors every day? I have so many ideas…


The lavender in this truffle was very faint but complemented the blackberry amazingly well.

I love fruit + dark chocolate combinations.


The sweet hints of the blackberry in the creamy ganache filling, covered with the dark chocolate shell balanced each other perfectly.

I was very sad when this truffle was gone.

Now….what flavor is next?  :)

What’s your favorite chocolate?


  1. OMG! That looks too good for words!

  2. Yum!!

    I am a hazelnut and chocolate girl through and through!

  3. Wowwww that sounds amazing!

  4. There are so many tempting goody pictures going on in my google reader right now! I need a treat!

    I’ve never had anything with lavendar flavor, but I really want to try it!

  5. Hey Miss Brandi! I know I’m late in commenting (how on earth do you get so many posts up in one day?! You’re an inspiration!) but your breakfast looks sooooooo drool-worthy! Nutella used to be my favorite food when I was little. I would take nutella sandwiches to school with me.

    And you have ore pancake ideas planned? I don’t know how they could look better than the one you posted; it looks pretty darn perfect!

    My favorite chocolate? Hmmm… the darker the better :)

  6. Wow I love truffles, but any chocolate pb combo is usually my favorite, especially if it’s dark chocolate!

  7. my favorite chocolate is probably either a dark chocolate truffle with raspberries or a milk chocolate with PB :)

  8. Sweet Jesus. I’ve never met a chocolate I didn’t adore.

  9. these kinds of chocolate have to be my biggest weakness. oh lordy that looks good!

  10. mmm that looks fantastic! There is a great chocolate shop here in DC that has similar creations- you have me craving a truffle right now!

  11. Oh wow…that looks heavenly! Makes me crave chocolate. Did you know yesterday was national chocolate day?

    Also, do you mind if I add you to my blog roll? I keep coming back to read your posts, so I figured I’d ask you! :-)

  12. HOLY moses!!! I love me some good truffles!!! And this lavender one sounds gorgeous. They have this honey lavender gelato at this ice cream place in town and it is outa this world. Lavender is such a deeeelicious and beautiful compliment to sweets!

  13. Oh my goodness–that place sounds heavenly! I am actually not a huge fan of just a hunk of chocolate–I would much rather have a warm chocolate brownie or muffin!

  14. That truffle looks amazing. I’m a chocolate/peanut butter kinda girl.

  15. Oh my gosh, that looks heavenly! That combo sounds delicious. I love chocolate + caramel, or chocolate + peanut butter!

  16. Um.. if I send you a big hug, will you send me some of these? …Please…

    If not, I’m driving to VA right now and getting one.

    • Ha :) They’re definitely worth the trip! I think you can order from them, or if you really want them and want to pick out some flavors, I can go get them and have them mail them to you!

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