Pluggin' Along

I’ve just been pluggin’ along today at work, getting stuff done and working through my emails.

I was very ready for lunch when it was time to eat! Funny how some days I could wait a while longer and some days, I’m ready to chew my arm off waiting for Nick to get over here and eat.

I brought some of my risott-no from last night plus a little leftover chicken.


A sliced tomato


And some watermelon. This is from a personal watermelon, just like the one Heather has. And yes, the label and sign actually said “personal watermelon”. It still had a lot of fruit, though, once we cut it up – way more than I could eat in one sitting.


Back to work I go, but here’s some fun stuff for you!

Happy Birthday Mark!

MixMyGranola is having a contest in honor of National Picnic Month (July)!

And of course we want to know what is in your Picnic Granola Mix and are giving away a $25.00 Gift Certificate to MixMyGranola! All you have to do is to create your ideal Picnic Granola Mix on and email us at to let us know what ingredients are in your Picnic Granola. We will randomly pick a winner from all entries that we have received by Friday, July 10th!

– Did you know today is National Strawberry Sundae day AND Chocolate Day? Nicole from Real Simple tipped me off to this, so I’ve got my thinking cap on for tonight. Here’s a few sundae recipes to get the creative juices flowing:

– Make sure to check out Zesty’s post on strawberries today, too! He’s got some great ideas on how to use them and you can add your own!

– Um…and I am the only one sad that Jenna Fischer (aka Pam) is not engaged to Jim in real life? They’re so cute together on the show – they should just carry that over and be cute together all the time.

Are you going to have a sundae today? If so, let me know and I’ll post it! We can have a Strawberry Sundae special in honor of this super important holiday.

What’s your favorite sundae topping?


  1. Peanut butter sauce!

  2. I love this national sundae business. I feel like every day is a national food day in one way or the other. Sort of fun, no?

    I agree about Pam and Jim. Why can’t they be real people?

  3. Oh you should totally make the romanoff sundae! I love romanoff!

    I might just have to buy sundae ingredients at the store tonight, even though I’m not a huge ice cream person.

  4. LOL, I totally think Pam and Jim need to be engaged in real life. It baffles me that they aren’t. They’re like peanut butter and jelly.

  5. Jenna can’t be engaged to John because John is CLEARLY engaged to me ;)

    My favorite topping? Hot fudge! 1. When it’s still hot, the hot/cold contrast is the best 2. When it cools down, it’s stripes of fudge – yum!

  6. It’s chocolate day too?! Wowza!

    Can I just say how cute it is that Nick and you eat lunch together? It’s adorable :)

    I love hazelnuts on my Sundae! not sure why!

  7. I thought I was the only one who ate their tomatoes sliced on the side :) they are so refreshing!
    love hot fudge on the sundae!

  8. Hot fudge! And sprinkles! Yum :D

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