Change is Fun Sometimes

I have so many fun pictures today! Both fun to look at and ones that were just fun to take  :)

But first! Look what we saw while we were eating lunch!!!


Little known fact about me: I. love. groundhogs.

I know, I know….they dig up yards, yadda, yadda. We don’t have them in our yard, though, and I just think they are so cute and pudgy and fuzzy and I get so excited whenever I see them around here. My record so far is seeing 8 in one day! Impressive, huh?  :)

We also ran over to Sonic at lunch because I really wanted a light cherry limeade for some reason, so that’s what I got. I hadn’t been to a sonic in forever. I actually used to go just about every afternoon in college for their “happy hour” 1/2 price drink specials. That’s where a lot of my laundry quarters went, no surprise.


It hit the spot and was a great way to end lunch.

I brought a good snack today since I knew I would be running after work. I bought this new trail mix the other night and brought it to have with my last Oikos! :( Please, Oikos, go back on sale! I just can’t afford you at your normal prices.


This trail mix has whole raw almonds, slivered almonds, raisins, craisins, and dark chocolate chunks – it was the perfect yogurt topping. I can’t wait to try it on oatmeal!


We had a good run today. We actually ran over the river on this pretty steep bridge, so my pace was a little slower on the way out than it was on the way back in. I was so excited today because I looked at my garmin on the way back DOWN the bridge and my pace was 8:22! That is crazy! I haven’t run that fast since like 5th grade. I can’t keep it at that pace yet, but it’s nice to know that it wasn’t horrible being there, you know?

After getting back, stretching, and taking showers, I got started on a quick dinner.

I was so happy to be able to use this beautiful rainbow chard I got from the market.


I found this great sounding stew in one of my Eating Well magazines, but I modified it to be more of a “one pot” dish than a stew – it turned out great!


I mostly followed the recipe, using a huge bunch of my rainbow chard which wilted down like crazy!

The only difference is that I added 1 cup of Israeli couscous to the boiling water/broth and let that cook almost all the way before stirring in the chard. Serve once the greens are cooked. Easy!


The flavors in this dish were awesome with the chard. The chile paste made it spicy, and I love the warmth that ginger gives to a dish. Definitely a keeper.

Then, my strawberry sundae happened.

But it wasn’t any sundae.

It was life changing.

That’s right – I made Gena’s banana soft serve after seeing and hearing all the rave reviews.


This stuff was so good and super creamy! I cannot believe that this is only bananas. It really has the texture of soft serve ice cream.

I topped mine with some chopped strawberries + a tsp of carob chips.


This recipe is definitely going to be used a lot – I can’t wait to try it with more toppings + flavors! Thanks Gena! I will definitely have to remember to freeze more bananas from now on.

Of course, after that I’m freezing so I’m about to have some hot tea and read until I fall asleep  :)

Did you make a sundae today? Was it life changing?


  1. Can’t say I’ve ever made a life-changing sundae. But I’m going to have to try that recipe now!

  2. I keep seeing this ice cream and I am gonna have to try it :)

    Thanks for the well wishes on my post yesterday!

    Groundhogs are pretty cute :) I haven’t seen one since I moved to California though.

  3. oh gosh i really have to try that banana soft serve- looks delish! especially w/ the strawberries. yumm

  4. This sundae is sweeping my Google Reader! I’m not a HUGE banana fan but a lot of that is because of their texture, so I think I’ma have to try this deliciousness.

  5. How cute – I’ve never seen a groundhog in person!

  6. I’ve never seen a groundhog either! Pretty cute!!

    I used to go to Sonic all the time back in college too! I love limeades!

    I didn’t make a sundae tonight – I was going to make the banana soft serve but my roommate went to bed at like 7 and I didn’t want to wake her up : (

  7. I’m freezing bananas right now to try for tomorrow! YAY!

  8. I made a banana smoothie too! These things are unreal, I can’t even believe it.

    I didn’t know you loved ground hogs. I must admit that I went to school about 15 mins away from the regular siting of Punxsatawney Phil (totally misspelled), and I never went to see him! Still sad about it.

  9. that couscous dish looks SO good! I don’t think I’ve tried the Israeli kind before…now it’s on my must-try list!
    And hahaha! groundhogs? that’s so random! I don’t thnk I’ve seen them before though…

  10. Ahhhhh banana soft serve. So life changing. I shall have to add strawberries to mine soon!

  11. I obviously haven’t lived yet, as I haven’t had the banana soft serve experience (saving up for a food processor based soley on the fact that I need to make this concoction).

    However, I have seen many a groundhog! My neighbor isn’t too “outdoorsy” and came screaming the other day that there was a beaver in her yard. Um….we don’t live by water.

    P.S. Your pancakes on the next post look so delicious and so easy! I will definitely be trying that recipe out in the future!

  12. Oh yes, whipped bananas changed my life for sure! :D

  13. hahahah I LOVE groundhogs!! I used to live on campus at law school and I have literally seen 12 in one day, it was amazing! I’ll have to send you a picture! :)

  14. I’ve never seen a real groundhog! They look cute though =) I have really been wanting to try out that banana “ice cream” now that I have seen it around the blogworld a handful of times. I think I need to freeze some bananas stat!

  15. I’m catching up on all your posts! I made a life-changing smoothie today – vanilla soy milk, banana, lots of ice and lots of my mom’s homemade vanilla extract! divine!

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