Back to Work

Although there are many places I would rather be than at work, it is nice to be back in somewhat of a routine. There’s just something about a routine that feels safe, right? I mean, I’m all for weekends like I just had where we decide last minute where to eat, when to do this, how long to nap  :)  But it feels good to get back into somewhat of a comfortable routine with food, work, exercise, etc.

And thank goodness – the first day back after this crazy weekend has not been too super busy. I was hoping my inbox wasn’t busting at the seams, and I was happy to see that it wasn’t. I cannot say the same thing about my google reader, though! Whew! Too many blogs, not enough time.

Lunch today came courtesy of my bulging fridge. I had the last of the ww pasta + turkey meatballs + sauce from last week


Plus the leftover salad from lunch yesterday – romaine, tomato, orange/yellow peppers


and some more watermelon!


Our fridge looks like that closet or the underneath of your bed where you throw everything when company is coming over – I’m a little scared of a food avalanche happening when I open the fridge, so I’m looking forward to getting through all that food this week.

Some fun blog contests to see!

– Danica is giving away some greens! These things have been growing like weeds on the blogs! and I want that shaker cup  :)

– There are a bunch of coupons up for grabs over at An Apple a Day!

Do you like routines or do you fly by the seat of your pants?


  1. I definitely appreciate routines! However, I think I would have enjoyed one more non-routine day of sleeping in, haha.

    Your bulging fridge sounds glorious. Mine is quite the opposite and needs to be filled ASAP!

  2. I am the biggest type A scientist you will ever meet! :-P I LOOOOVE routines!

    Ms. Brandi you and Nick should TOTALLY come up here to visit sometime! We could have some amazing college sports debates and some great food! :-P

  3. In the summer I throw routines out the window but between August and May – I’m Miss Planner! I need to know who, what, where, when, why, and how for EVERYTHING!!

    Hope your Monday flies by!

  4. I kind of like routines – but I do love my sleeping in on the weekends!!

    Hope you have a great Monday Brandi!

  5. mmmmm watermelon!

  6. mm you pasta looks so good :)
    i am more of a routine person. I just like structure.

  7. Leftovers can be good and bad all in one. Good luck getting through them all.

    Thanks for the Amazing Grass contest shoutout!

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