Slippin' Away

Gah! I’m running out of time!!! Why do the days always move fast when I need them to move slow?

  • Pedi – done
  • Groceries – bought
  • Cleaning – in progress
  • Laundry – eh….soon.
  • Baking – in the oven!

I got home much later than I wanted to this afternoon. I got caught in traffic on the way IN to town from a pretty bad accident – then 3 hours later, they were just towing the same car, so I was caught in traffic on the way back home, too. Plus, there were about a million people in Kroger today, which did not help.

I got everything I needed, came home, and scarfed down lunch  :)


Thank goodness for leftovers! They save me so much time.

I ate the lunch I packed for yesterday that I ended up not eating. I had a serving of my couscous salad (ww couscous, zucchini, red onion, chickpeas, black olives, feta, a little olive oil), plus some leftover broccoli + a tomato.


Good, fast, and filling.

I’ve dusted and am about to start vacuuming/cleaning the rest of the bathroom.

My first ever REAL cheesecake is in the oven!!! I’m excited and am hoping it turns out well   :)  Pictures later!


  1. I’m having that same problem today!! The day FLEW by!

    Good luck with the cheesecake :)

  2. Oh cheesecake! I can’t wait! haha, I baked today, too!

  3. congrats on the cheesecake! i was excited for my first one too! :)

  4. Yay I’m so glad you are making your first cheesecake! Definitely one of my favorite things to make!!!

  5. Haha – I’ve been talking about cheesecake on my blog today. Great minds think alike :-) I’m looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!

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