Will Shuck For Dinner

It seriously feels like fall here. I cannot believe it’s July with this weather we’re having! It’s cool, breezy, and I want to put on my sweatpants and watch some football! But I can’t do that for 65 more days  :(

I had a hard boiled egg for a snack this afternoon – my sandwich actually kept me full for a while, but I wasn’t sure if we would be running after work or not, so I knew I needed a little something just in case.


We ended up leaving work about 20 minutes early today – we had to take the car back to the shop to have the pinstripes matched up to the new door and have a plastic piece fixed on the inside that got cracked in the accident. They finished it today, so we wanted to make sure we had the car for the weekend, and we got there just in time.

The car looks beautiful! It’s still amazing to me that the damage cost so much to fix, but I’m glad they have it looking basically like it did before.

The garden needed work, so we didn’t run today, but we have plans for a morning run which are my favorites!

We picked our last batch of peas tonight and Nick cleared where the plants had been. We have tons of peas now! We used some with dinner and we have a fun recipe to use them in tomorrow night  :) Plus extras!

If this isn’t a sign of a homegrown dinner, I don’t know what is.


My thumbnail was green! I always crack the peas open with that thumb, so it ends up much dirtier than the rest of my fingers, but it’s totally worth it to have these beauties with dinner.


We heated up some leftover pasta + meatballs to have with our peas and our first tomato of the season! It’s a golden jubilee and it was delicious. I can’t wait until we have more!

We have some early girls (red tomatoes), the golden jubilees, and some Mr. Stripeys which are green striped tomatoes. Such fun colors! I can’t wait to make a salad with them.


I’ve got some laundry to fold, popcorn to eat, and grocery list to make.

Enjoy your night!

What’s your favorite way to use blueberries?


  1. You and your green thumb!

    I love blueberries in muffin or pancake form….

  2. nothing like a little green thumb.

    i actually used to work in a hot house and when I would go for a run after work, I would sweat “green,” as in green sweat from the chlorophyl that my hands absorbed from the vines earlier in the day. so welcome to the green club!

    bluberries are such a great multi-purpose berry. my fav though, is in oatmeal. and crisps. and just a handful of plain ol berries.

    glad you’re enjoying your garden!

  3. I know, it feels like October here in Michigan! So weird. It’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow though–I’ve got my fingers crossed.

    Love your green thumb! That dinner looks fantastic. Homegrown tomatoes are so much more flavorful than storebought, it’s crazy. I love blueberries straight, or in muffins!

  4. I love blueberries! They are my favorite! I love heating them in a pan and pouring them over pancakes or french toast. I also love making blueberry muffins/pancakes.

    I love blueberry beer, cheesecake, anything!

  5. today, my fav way to use blueberries is in a pesto! Hee hee!
    It’s SO cool that you grow your own peas!

  6. I love that green thumb.

    The best way to use blueberries? In MUFFINS and PANCAKES of course!

  7. I wish I had a garden of my own full of veggies that I could use in my meals! Your veggies look so fabulous and I admire anyone who does home growing, organic and is thereby a friend of the environment! Good for you!
    My favorite way to use bloobs is probably how I most often have them which is just over a fruit salad. They’re of course delicious with many things though – over ice cream, in yoghurt, over pancakes or as TEA! I have a lovely blueberry tea from Celestial Seasonings that I have a cup of almost every evening with my evening snack. If you can get your hands on it, definitely try it! I love it but I know my mom finds it too sour, so I know it’s not for everyone. You can always add some agave or honey if you find it too sour.

  8. I guess that is where the saying “green thumb” comes from :D

    Your dinner looks so fresh and vibrant!

    I hope you have a nice weekend!

  9. I love yellow tomatoes- I have only had them a couple of times in restaurants. They don’t sell them here :(

    Blueberries? Hmm…muffins/scones, cobbler, pie! I also love them in oats- cook the oats, swirl in blueberries and vanilla greek yogurt and you have ‘blueberries and cream’ oatmeal!

  10. This weather is definitely unusual. I’m not complaining! :-)

    I’m jealous of your peas. They are beautiful, and I’m sure they taste even better than they look. YUM!!

    I love blueberries in pancakes and muffins, but I also kind of like some fresh ones on my oat bran in the morning. They are so tasty and kind of cute too. Oh, and I love the color they give to a smoothie– so purple and awesome!!

  11. I like to mix blueberries with yogurt and oatmeal and leave it in the fridge overnight to eat for breakfast the next morning. Delish!

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