Unplanned Lunch

Happy lunchtime! I’m so glad today is the last day of the work week for me! This weekend is going to be crazy and fun and go by way too fast – I already know it.

Work was good this morning. I had another class to go to for that new system and this one was useless! It was the one they told me to go to so I could learn how to do the one thing I need – well, it wasn’t covered at all. Not even on the schedule.

So, I wasted 1.5 hours in that class. I guess it at least got me out of the office for a bit, but I hate that! I like going to classes if I’m actually learning things I need to know, but this did not help me one bit.

I packed my lunch for today, but Nick wanted Substation….and I changed my mind once we walked in and I could smell the food  :)


I got the special today – ham, turkey, and cheese on their awesome wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, oil/vinegar, oregano, salt and pepper. Mm…they make the best sandwiches. WAY better than Subway.

I also had some baked chips + unsweet tea.


Not what I planned for lunch, but still tasty!

Plus, now I have the lunch I packed for sometime this weekend or to freeze for another time.

I’m about to dig into these while I catch up on my emails from this morning.


Do you have a menu planned for this weekend? Any fun dishes you’re making? I’m finalizing my menu plan so I’m looking for a few more ideas  :)


  1. Yay 3-day weekend! I can’t wait until today is over. As we’re heading to some cookouts, I’m just planning to make some desserts this weekend. Good luck with your plans!

  2. That sandwich sounds good! I love little sandwich stores so much better than chain places!

    I don’t plan to do much cooking this weekend because I’m going to be so busy and I’m really low on groceries. But it is a HIGH priority that I’m going to make a detailed grocery list and do a lot of cooking next week!

    I hate worthless classes like that, yuck. Yay for the weekend! Have lots of fun!

  3. i just made a pb chocolate pb chip blondie for the bf’s family, and i also plan on making a chocolate chip banana bread, along w/ some sort of black bean burger…should be exciting!

  4. The only thing I know for sure I’ll be eating is the greek salad I plan on bringing to a 4th of July BBQ!

  5. I have a feeling I am going to be eating out all weekend since I will be in the process of moving and therefore won’t have a full-stocked kitchen!

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