Food Goals for Life

Good morning!

Yes, it’s humpday but it’s also technically “Thursday” for me since we have Friday off – do you have a long weekend for the holiday? I’m excited to have a 3 day weekend – we have some fun stuff planned!

After seeing Kelsey’s breakfast yesterday, I knew it was time (again) for one of my favorites –

eggs + oatbran


fruit + the most amazing bacon from the Amish market near Nick’s parents.


I can honestly say this is the best bacon I have ever had – I’m glad we remembered to pick up some and bring it home! We first had it a few months ago when we were visiting and selling stuff at the huge neighborhood yard sale. We all raved about it. I don’t know what it is that’s different about this bacon, but it’s awesome. Super salty.

I’m taking some fun coffee to work that my sister got me for my birthday – how could you not want to try this?


It smells amazing, so I’m thinking it’s going to taste pretty good, too.

So, I got this article link from Nicole at Real Simple the other day and it got me thinking. She sent me a link of 15 Recipes to Make Before You Die – fun, right?

I’ve made a few on the list, but there are still some that I have not tried yet.

I think my list of things I want to make at some point in my life would be:

  • homemade bagels
  • a pretty layer cake – I’ve made one but it was a little crooked  :)
  • the perfect chocolate chip cookie
  • cheesecake
  • VeggieGirl’s blondies!
  • Gina’s macaroons, although I don’t have a dehydrator
  • a fabulous Thanksgiving meal. It’s my favorite holiday!

Plus many more!

So, what’s your list? What do you want to make at some point in your life?


  1. VeggieGirl Blondies are definitely on my list!

  2. I’ve always wanted to be able to make really good croissants. Haven’t tried yet – I think I’m a little butter shy!

  3. I want to try as many cakes/baked goods as possible :D

  4. that coffee looks sinfully DELICIOUS! i can check VeggieGirl blondies off my list, but Gina’s macaroons are coming soon i hope!

  5. i’ve always wanted to make homemade bread…but i’m too afraid/impatient for yeast..hahahaha!

  6. I REALLY need to try your oat bran/eggs combo! I just have to remember to buy the oat bran one of these days!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  7. I love this list! I have made a handful of the things but I still really need to make creme puffs! I love em’ and it would be even better to customize them to my hearts’ content!

  8. Gosh that’s a hard question! I’d really love to be able to make sushi and authentic pad thai. I’m just not that talented!

    That coffee sounds so good!!

  9. Ooh I love flavored coffees! That one sounds delicious :D I also want to make homemade bagels, and healthy donuts!

  10. GREAT question! I’ve always wanted to perfect my grandma’s borsht, make it JUST like her. And also learn how to make the most amazing carrot cake. It’s my fave cake and I’ve never made it!

  11. I definitely want to try making homemade bagels, too!

  12. I definitely want to make bagels! And my very own lasagna completely from scratch just like my mom. Well not the pasta, but that’s another for the list ….. pasta.

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