Cheery Cherry Day

Today has been good so far! I’m moving along with work stuff, the weather is beautiful here (finally!), my food has been good, and I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses. The only thing that could be better is if I was at the beach with my sisters  this afternoon instead of at work  :)  Not fair!

My eggy breakfast was perfect this morning, and I wasn’t hungry until right before Nick came over to eat – love that. By the way, did you see Sarah’s post on eggs? I loved it..except that I do like mine runny  :)  No worries – any egg lover is a friend of mine, runny or not.

Lunch today was basically yesterday’s lunch, but I already feel more satisfied than I did yesterday – strange how one day can make such a difference!


The last of the roasted squash (1 whole one) + a roma tomato cut up for easier eating. It was pain eating this yesterday with no real knife.


Plus my couscous salad with some added feta – this was the perfect little punch in my salad today!

I heated up the squash and the couscous, dumped the couscous on top of the veggies and mixed it all together. It was great and a mess! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten raw zucchini before, but it’s actually pretty good. Messy, mixed up food is not so great for photographing, but it sure is good for eating.

I packed some of our first cherries of the year for lunch, too.


They are perfect – every one. I found these at Martin’s this weekend for 1.99/lb so I had to buy them. The cheapest I’ve seen them here so far is 3.99/lb!

Well, it’s back to work for me, but make to check all this stuff out that’s happening around the blogs!

In other news:

Operational Beautiful hit the front pages, people! Get on this train if you haven’t – I posted my first one a couple weeks ago and loved it.

The Oh, She Glows Summer Glow Boot Camp has begun – are you in?


  1. Cherries! Srsly, is there a better fruit out there? Love. Oh, and (((UTZ chips)))!!

  2. I haven’t bought any cherries yet this year, but I totally need to!!

    I’m totally doing to the SGBC!!! I’m pumped!

    The veggies and couscous looked particularly fabulous today! Love me some feta!

  3. Thanks for all the giveaway links!

  4. I love that couscous dish!! Yum!

    You know what’s ironic – MI is the ‘cherry capital’ and I don’t even like them! Come here for cherry fest ;)

  5. ohh I will have to try adding Feta to my cous-cous next time because that sounds fabulous!

  6. Cherries is one of my fav fruits! I just had a whole bunch-ful myself! :-)
    And yeah, I like my eggs runny, too.

  7. haha, i’m glad i can still be your friend even though i don’t like runny eggs :-P

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