The Cat's Meow

I think the funk has passed  :)  Or maybe it’s just because the workday is over? Either way, I’m feeling much better now. I don’t know why I have those days/times, but I hate just feeling blah for no real reason, you know?

Nick and I had a run planned after work today so I brought a tried and true snack



1 plain oikos + the last of my TJs fruit and nut medley cereal. I am officially out of everything I bought from Trader Joe’s at Christmas! It’s definitely time for another trip and a huge cooler to bring it all back.

I got to break out my next coffeehouse book while I was waiting for Nick to pick me up! I’m already hooked into this one.


I’m glad I remembered to start this one because I got the next one from my sister for my birthday – I need to not read these too fast, though, because then I’ll just have to buy the next 2 that I still don’t have…

I was not in the mood to go running, at all. Like, not one bit. But the weather was absolutely gorgeous today and I knew that I would feel better after I went. And I did! Strange how that works, huh? :)

We ran about 2.5 miles, a little shorter than our normal route which was fine with me. My legs were pretty tight and Nick was sore from his bike ride yesterday, so we just did one loop around the park instead of the normal two. It was seriously the perfect weather today – blue skies, a few clouds, around 80, and a slightly cool breeze. I wish every day was like today. This weather is making me want fall because fall = college football! I’ve been looking at ESPN every day for the past week, seeing what’s going on in the conference and other teams….I can’t wait.

You probably know this already, but we eat a lot of leftovers. Some of my favorite nights to have them are nights that we run after work. By the time we get home, change, go running, get back, and take showers, I really do not want to cook a dinner. It’s nice to have something waiting for us in the fridge and tonight was no different.


We heated up the leftover pork, roasted veggies, and barley from last night, and I think the veggies were even better tonight! All the flavors soaked in and they were awesome and so colorful.


Eating this dinner was easy.

Blogging like this is not so easy.


She likes her lap time in the evenings, what can I say?

Do you have a pet? Do they run your life/household/everything?  :)

Our only pet right now is Roxy and she is definitely the Queen of the house. She thinks she owns us, not the other way around….but we let her think it! It’s totally worth it when she’s being sweet and cuddling. And how can you not love 13 lbs of fur?


  1. I love leftovers! I wish there were leftovers in my fridge at all times….

    Umm…does my dog rule my life?!?! Is the Pope Catholic?!

  2. I most certainly do have a pet! A jack russel terrier called Phantom. He is 15 years old, has athritis and I think is incontinent – but we love him soooo much. And he is totally in charge in this house! He sleeps on my parents bed and mum lets him try a little of everything she eats. We are all going away soon, and instead of getting one house-sitter, we are getting two Phantom-sitters so he always has company! Yes, we love him A LOT.

    I completely sympathise about not wanting to run/go to the gym and then feeling great once you do. It’s always more fun after the fact!

    Those leftovers look delish, by the way :-)

  3. YES our pets rule the house! Them, and their hair… oy…

  4. She looks so cute and cuddly! She’d rule at mi casa!

  5. I have a pet and he has totally changed my life! I don’t go out for hours and hours after work anymore b/c I get to go home and be with my puppy. Sometimes it’s frustrating, but generally, I LOVE it!!

  6. My brother got a Wheaten Terrier a couple months ago. He loves to chew on everything! He ate a whole razor blade a couple weeks ago. I posted pictures of him on my blog a couple weeks ago if you want to see his cute butt!

  7. I’ve got to check that coffeehouse book out. I’m a book fiend, and have practically exhausted my reading supplies!
    I don’t have a pet…I’m not responsible and loving and patient enough to have one :-(

  8. Glad you felt better after your run!

    We have three cats and they seriously rule the roost. They go and do whatever they want!

  9. I do indeed have a pet ;) I love those roasted veggies – I wish that I had the patience to let them cook! Usually I’m just too hungry hence raw veggies!

  10. It’s funny how pets usually over rule their owners! Ha–my cat is like King Tut sleeping on the beds, meowing till his food bowl is overflowing, etc. My dog is the most pampered thing, although he needs to be because he is a pure English bulldog and they are extremely high-matinence–more than me :-O

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