Make Mine a Double

Ah…crazy Mondays! They’re already my busiest day at work in any given week, but 2 of my 3 supervisors are out this week so I’m doing some other tasks that aren’t normally mine. It’s just been nutso today so far.

My oatmeal held me over beautifully, and 2 cups of coffee helped keep my eyes open long enough to get through my emails! Double the coffee, double the productivity on Monday mornings.

Why do people do work on the weekends? I would love to show up to work on a Monday and just see that everyone enjoyed their weekends and did nothing work related and not have any emails. Is that too much to ask?

I’m hoping lunch has the same holding power as my breakfast, because this afternoon is actually going to be even busier.



Thank goodness for frozen veggie burgers + random leftovers in the fridge!

I made a huge salad with spinach, romaine, the last of the guac salad and a veggie burger.


This is that huge 7-8 cup container I have – lots of veggies today! It was good and spicy, too.

I just had this dried peach half to finish off my lunch on a sweet note + tame some of that heat from the salad.


Back to work for me.

In Honduras news, I’m hoping this reaches a peaceful ending and that it won’t change our plans for our trip in July. I just hope everything is resolved peacefully, whether we get to still go or not.

Do you do “work” on the weekends for your job?

I do not. 1., it’s not needed, and 2. the weekends are my time.


  1. I do not work on weekends for my job, thankfully! Because am a non-exempt employee, I am eligible for overtime and out of office time can’t be tracked by the firm I work for so when I’m out, I’m OUT!!

    Good luck with your busy afternoon!

  2. I don’t do work any time I don’t *have to.* It’s rare that you’ll ever catch me working on the weekend. But I have stayed late for certain projects.

    I am very much a believer of work and life balance. With the way our system runs, we already don’t have a built-in balance (working 8-9 hours, living and sleeping for the rest? not fair!). So I cherish my personal time.

    I always think of the early Native Americans. They worked to sustain their lifestyles, which was about four hours a day. Hard to believe…

    Ok, I’m off my soapbox now!

  3. My job doesn’t really have “hours” so I work when I want to . Sometimes it’s the weekend, sometimes it’s the workweek :)

  4. I don’t want to work on the weekends, but there are times I can’t avoid it. I don’t get paid overtime for it either. I’m a caseworker, so I’m constantly under daily deadlines. I’m always stressed about completing a case in time so to help alleviate some of my stress during the week, I try to bring some of the easier stuff home with me on the weekend. you do get a lot more done when no coworkers are around to distract you and you don’t have to answer a phone or greet a walkin.

  5. Your lunch looks yummy–sorry everything is so busy today! I don’t have a job (still a student), but when I do harp gigs I sometimes have weekend gigs/concerts/shows. It’s definitely not the same as a 9-5 job though. I’d hate to have to actually “work” weekends!

  6. I don’t do any work for my FT job on the weekends. I do work on blog work on the weekends tho. Not too bad b/c I think it’s fun!

  7. I definitely don’t do work on the weekends unless I have to! It’s my 48 hours of happiness and if work gets in the way I get moody!

    Hope everything works out for your trip!

  8. inevitable, despite all my intentions NOT to :P

  9. I used to work weekends too but was way too exhausted for the work week!! So now I take the weekends off. At report card time though, I’m at them all weekend long. Otherwise, the weekends are mine, all mine!!! Glad you put aside work on the weekend too!

  10. Thank goodness for coffee! And yummy guac salad, that stuff is good, ‘specially with some tortilla chips!

    Nope, I do not work on my “weekends” (I’m off during the week)…my job really isn’t very important though! It’s one of those that doesn’t follow me home, which is great! hey, thanks for commenting on my blog!

  11. I hope your trip goes as planned too. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  12. Ehh sorry work is Soo busy. Sadly I cannot relate because I am still not working(thanks mom and dad!), but hopefully it’ll slow down and that it was just a Monday thing–take it easy dear!

  13. I sell antiques, so I Friday + Sat mornings are for treasure hunting at garage + estate sales. The days I tend to take off are Mon-Wed. Sometimes I do shows on the weekends, but it’s all fun. Even on my days off, I still love anything to do with my business! Sometimes, it’s hard to STOP working, lol.

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