Slow to Post

Time just gets away from me when I’m not at home!

This weekend has been a lot of fun so far, and I’m sad that it’s coming to an end.

First, dinner last night:


Nick’s dad cooked some pork ribs + beef, so I had a little bit of each. Plus 1/4 of a huge baked potato topped with Fage and some grilled romaine with that maple dressing. I also had a tiny slice of whole grain bread + butter.


I ended not eating most of the meat because I was saving room for this.


I got my ice cream! There’s a local dairy bar here called Kline’s, and they have amazing ice cream. They have one flavor per week and they always have chocolate and vanilla. This week’s flavor was cherry chocolate chip, so I got a small cone of that last night. They even sell doggie bowls of vanilla ice cream and milkbones, so we got one of those for the dogs to share. It was the perfect ending last night.


This morning, breakfast was pretty simple, but great as always.


I had a cup of coffee, some scrambled eggs, a slice of local fresh bread with almond butter, and a piece of the best bacon ever. We got some from the Amish market and it really is the saltiest, tastiest bacon I’ve ever had.

This plate plus some fruit makes me happy  :)


We went to church, and came back to the house only to say goodbye to my parents and Nick’s dad. My dad hopped on his motorcycle and my mom was in the van with the dog -I’m hoping they didn’t hit any rain since dad was riding the bike home!

Nick’s dad left today on a trip for work, so it’s just Nick, his mom, me and their dog this afternoon. Since we went to the early service at church, I came back and went the fancy grocery store here for a few things while Nick and his mom worked on making a splash skirt thing for the kayak. I didn’t find some things I needed, but I did get a few. I”ll still have to finish grocery shopping whenever we get home tonight, but it shouldn’t be too bad. I have my list made and I’m ready!

Then….me and Harley dog took a nap on the couch  :)

We heated up some leftovers for lunch once I woke up and they were ready for a break.


I had some more salad + maple dressing, broccoli, leftover beef, and a piece of that multigrain bread for lunch


I just cleaned up some Harley vomit – I guess he ate something that didn’t agree with him, but I think he’s feeling better now. He’s cuddling beside me on the couch which is making me sleepy again.

I think we’ll be heading home soon – 2.5 hours on the road, unpacking, groceries, then getting ready for the week ahead. Should be a busy rest of the day!

What’s your favorite bread?


  1. I hope Harley is feeling better, and I hope you guys have a nice drive home.

    Those ribs look SO good!!! I probably don’t even need to tell you how I feel about the ice cream. ;-)

  2. Favorite bread? I love all bread! Trader Joe’s sprouted breads, Arnold’s wheat bread, Panera’s multigrain baguettes (and slices), homemade bread :)

    Poor pupper! I’ve been there with the doggy puke – not fun! Hope he feels better!

  3. What a great weekend!!! i love fresh ice cream like that…

  4. All your eats look good – especially the ribs! :D

    Sourdough bread is my favorite, hands down – well, cheezy bread too!

    Hope your dog is feeling better! I think that happens to our dog when we feed him too much table food!

    Happy Sunday!

  5. I am a self-proclaimed ice cream addict, so I would love to try that out–it looks delish and little mom and pop places are always better!! My favorite kind of bread is anything homemade! I am a big fan of zucchini breads :-)

  6. There hasn’t been a bread I’ve met that I haven’t loved….I ain’t picky! I guess I am a bread whore.

  7. ALL BREAD. haha, love me some carbs. yeah for a fun weekend – that ice cream looks insane. i could eat ice cream for every meal and not get sick of it.

  8. We have tried so many breads in this house, and we certainly have our favs. But I think the bread we buy most frequently is Nature’s Choice – it’s cheap, lasts along time and is really delicious for the quality and what it is :)

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