Finally Organized

So, if you read my 26 things the other day, you know that I use big purses, all the time.

I like to have lots of room for whatever I need to throw in there during the day. I don’t like having to cram my hand into tiny purses or take everything out just to get to my chapstick.

That’s why I was so excited when I got this purse organizer from Nicole at Real Simple! I got a little care package that had this, a magnetic grocery list (love it – lists are my other obsession) and that nail polish I used a week or so ago.


This should actually fit in just about all of my purses, which is awesome. And it holds everything I need! This side has my Foodbuzz business cards and some of my favorite lip gloss.


The other side holds more lip gloss (you can never have too much!), gum, and an emergency snack.


I was just psyched that this was big enough to hold my wallet! I’ve got my checkbook, wallet, compact, CPR/emergency kit, hand sanitizer, eye drops and…


Besides my wallet, this is the most important thing in my purse. These are my colors. Do you know your colors?

Nick’s mom had this book, called Color Me Beautiful, where you figure out what “season” you are; I’m a winter, just like her and Nick.

Basically, the season you are gives the colors that look best on you based on your hair color, eye color, and skin tone. Mine are mainly pure/true colors + jewel tones, but I’m horrible at making sure I have the right blues and purples so Nick’s mom gave me her set of colors to keep in my purse at all times  :)  These are the ones that look best up by your face, so I try to stick with shirts that are these colors. It is pretty fun!

I remember one Thanksgiving at their house, we were pulling out clothes of every color, holding them up under our chins, and trying to figure out what “season” everyone was – it’s fun to do and you can really tell a difference! Guys don’t care so much what their colors are, but it is nice to know. And it’s totally right on. There are colors that Nick’s sister can wear (in her color swatches) that totally wash me out and make me look ill and vice versa.


Perfect fit for my purse of choice right now! Thanks again Nicole!

I feel so put together with this organizer, and I love that I can just take it out,  grab my keys + cell phone and change purses super fast. What a great idea!

If you pay attention to people when they compliment you on looking good/liking that color/etc, it will most likely be “one of your colors”. When you’re wearing “your” colors, you just glow and it enhances everything.

If you don’t know your colors, what’s your favorite color to wear?

I love true blue (now that I can actually find it), kelly green, red, and black. and gray. and white.  :) and purple! when I can find the right one.


We’re heading to Nick’s parents for the weekend after work, and my parents are coming up too! It should be a fun weekend – I’m sure I’ll be blogging, but it probably won’t be very regular. Of course, that’s how every weekend is with me  :)

Enjoy the rest of your Friday!


  1. I’ve never had my colors officially done but I ALWAYS get compliments when I were burgundy. I own a lot of winter clothes in burgundy. I wish I knew what the equivalent color is for summer wear.

  2. I want that purse so so so much! I need an organizer!

    My color is red.

  3. I’ve never had my colors done either, but I love the idea!

    So cool that the purse organizer fits so perfectly into your bag – what an awesome product!!

  4. I also love purple and green because it compliments my eyes. Awesome purse organizer!

  5. I like green a lot. A nice fresh green.

  6. OMG I am in dire need of one of those purse organizers! I ALWAYS have a big purse and can never find a thing when I need it!

  7. i love your purse organizer!! such a smart investment and probably saves you some time looking for your keys!

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