Sweet to Savory

I love oatbran. I can’t believe I had never tried it until a few months ago.

I love that I can have it as a sweet breakfast (like yesterday with my fruit + almond butter) and savory, like today.


I know I’ve had eggs for dinner 2 nights this week, but that doesn’t make me not want them for breakfast!

I had 2 over easy eggs, cooked in a little olive oil, on some oatbran with chile garlic sea salt.

Plus this super ripe and juicy bowl of fruit


This is the last of the peaches we got from the farmer’s market last weekend and it’s still perfect. I have got to get back and buy some – they were so much better than all the ones we had last week from the grocery store.

I’m having a big glass of water with breakfast since I have plans to take a smoothie for a snack today.

I better hurry up if I’m going to make that smoothie and get to work on time!


  1. Eggs are the best! Go right ahead and eat them for every meal haha. I know I would!!!! Their are eggcredible.
    That bowl of fruit is so summery and fresh. I can’t wait to head to farmers market and see what fresh fruit they have! Have a great day!!!!

  2. I’ve never had oatbran! I keep meaning to get it but pick up oatmeal instead :P

    have a great day!

  3. I love oat bran for the very same reason, it is so versatile!

  4. I’ve never done the savory oat thang, i gotta try it!

  5. Your fruit salad looks wonderful! I’m seriously contemplating stopping at the fruit stand every morning, buying whatever looks fresh and just snacking on that all day :)

  6. ohhhh savory oats – i might have to try that sometime when i can work up the nerve!

  7. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

    Your breakfast looks amazing – I need to try oatbran savory, and I love overside easy eggs.

  8. Those fruits look so refreshing!! I’m the same way with foods I like (hah, clearly) – I eat it over and over, I don’t care! It never gets old :)

  9. That fruit looks beautiful. Perfectly ripe!

  10. That fruit salad is like WOAH. So vibrant!

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