Quickie Lunch

Man, lunch hour flew by today – this has to be quick!

I had some more of the cottage casserole leftovers + green beans + smoked turkey for lunch


Thank goodness for leftovers!

Then Nick and I went to get a cool smoothie to have after lunch. We went to Elderberry’s and we both got the “Morgan’s Strawberry” – strawberry juice, raspberry sherbet, strawberries.


I got the kiddie size, which is just enough. I drank almost all of this before we got back -oops!

Back to work for me!

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?


  1. My husband never eats leftovers so I get them all!

    If I could do anything, I’d be a personal chef – no matter how long my day is at work, I can’t wait to get home and start cooking – if I was a personal chef, I could cook all day! :D

  2. I agree – personal chef/wellness consultant would be my dream job. I would actually really like to focus on pregnant and recently post-partum women!

  3. Fun question! I would love to do anything that requires a lot of travel to really exotic places. I think it would be really fun to look through old abandoned buildings and sunken ships, but I wouldn’t really want to be a historian or anything – I’d just want to look, haha! I could maybe make documentary films out of it? Oh and I’d love to be a TV writer!

  4. A smoothie’s a great way to end your lunch!

    I’d want to be a traveling food critic…travel all over the world and eat…what else could be better? :)

    Oh and I’d also throw huge parties to raise money for charities of my choice.

  5. I would like to help people in some capacity. With food and good health along with creativity and writing.

  6. Ready for it? My dream job has and always will be to be the woman who reads out the lottery #’s as they are drawn! My guidance counselor did not like that answer in high school.

  7. I change my mind a lot, but I really think I’d love to run a sort of bake shop, specializing in mini desserts for weddings and catered events.

  8. If I could have 1 job I would want to travel the world as a world food critic and make every restaurant and big time chef know me as one of the best food critiques ever. haha how does that sound?

  9. haha oh my gosh! i CHUG my drinks and am the FASTEST eater. Maybe it’s a habit i picked up from rushing to eat wen I was so busy with skating, work, school. Not sure, but I need to actively try to retrain my body!!

  10. Hands down…TV host for the Travel Channel. Booyah!

  11. funny, i just seriously contemplated this during my year hiatus from acting. turns out, there is no other job i want. unfortunately, my job has a lot of time off. so i guess i’d rather just be more successful at what i’m already doing!

  12. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Before and after pictures are always so interesting, aren’t they? My dream job would actually be to do what I do now, counseling client on how to lose weight. The main difference is I would want to work for myself rather than a big corporation so that I could tailor to my personal nutritional beliefs. And maybe personal chef too!

  13. I’m a little late in commenting but what a good question! I have 2 dream jobs…1) working with primates like gorillas or chimps. How fun would that be to play with monkeys all day? OR I think being a travel blogger would rock. Just traveling around to exotic places and writing about it AND getting paid for it! That would be a good gig too.

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