First Breakfast at 26

I can’t believe I’m 26! I still forget how old I am when people ask me – I feel like it’s only been a year or two since I turned 21!

The birthday dessert turned out great last night, so I’ll post pictures of that later  :)

Breakfast today was a birthday meal in the making –


I knew as soon as I saw this almost empty jar that I would be having this for breakfast today.


Why? Because it’s probably the best oatbran vessell ever!

  • 1/3 cup oatbran, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • cinnamon
  • blueberries, raspberries
  • all that almond butter in the jar – about 1 Tbsp, maybe a little more


Perfect way to start my day! But now I am completely OUT of almond butter – I guess I need to try making my own, huh?

Sadly, I am off to work today – not the ideal thing to do on your birthday, but necessary.

Here are the things I would rather be doing:

  • staying home and going to the pool
  • going out on the river
  • shopping
  • going to an amusement park and riding all the roller coasters
  • going to the beach

I have to make birthday wishes, right? Maybe something will happen today and we’ll have to close the office  :)  I doubt it, but I’ll hope for it just in case!

Nick got me the cutest pair of chaco’s for my birthday! I’m so excited to have my first pair, and now I have sandals to wear in the river/kayak!

What’s your favorite birthday memory?


  1. Happy Birthday, Brandi! My old age (29!) is preventing me from remembering a favorite birthday memory, so they all must be good! :)

  2. Happy Birthday:). Last year was my favorite (turning 27)…my mom, husband and I all got tattoos!!



  5. Happy Birthday Brandi!

  6. Happy birthday!! I’m still waiting for my “favorite” birthday moment to happen. :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Beautiful!! I hope 26 is even better than 25 :)

    My favorite birthday was probably 21 – I was in the Hamptons with my husband and his family and we had a great BBQ on the beach before heading into town for drinks and karaoke with friends at a bar!

    I’m holding out for 28 to be my best though – it’s coming up in just a few weeks! ;-)

  8. Happy Birthday! My fave memory is when I was like 12…I had a scavenger hunt b-day party and a Nancy Drew cake. I LOVED Nancy Drew so it was perfect. My mom is the shiz!

  9. Happy birthday Brandi! Have a great day and welcome to the “I am 26- woooo!” club :D

  10. happy birthday, brandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Brandi!

    My b-day was usually during Spring Break. Since we live in southern Canada, my parents and I would often drive down to cali for the week. It was sweet! If only I did that now!!! Hope you enjoy your day!

  12. Hope you have the BEST Birthday ever! Your food always looks so good; you are an inspiration.

  13. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPPy birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I love that you eat oat bran not oatmeal– I LOVE me some oatbran. BUT FOR REALS HHHHHHHHAPPPPY BIRTHDAY. And I feel like you– like I’m 21– but I’m totally about to be 26 toooo!!


  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I would kidnap you from work and take you to the beach if I could :) Have a good one!!


    i feel ya on the age thing – most days i feel about 18 years old (not 24) haha! hope you have a WONDERFUL day doing whatever YOU want to do!

  16. Happy birthday. Birthday memories? My husband is the same day as mine so we both say that our actions cancel out so we might as well not do anything :)

  17. Happy Birthday Brandi!!!

  18. Happy Birthday, Brandi!!!!

  19. Happy Birthday Brandi!! Woo Woo! Cheers and Claps!

  20. Happy Birthday Brandi! 26 – you are so young! – that was 15 years ago for me! :D

    When I was 26 I was already a momma for 3 years.

    I have a twin sister and I remember our 6th birthday like it was yesterday.

    It was the one and only time we each got to invite all the girls from each of our classes – so each “group” was 12 girls – my dad took 12 girls and my mom took the other 12. Our birthday was around Easter and half the group decorated easter eggs, while the other half watched cartoons and movies in the basement.

    My mom made a castle cake and with a chocolate moat and a hershey bar as a bridge suspended by licorice whips – on the top of each castle cake was an upside down sugar icecream cone, and each cone had a flag with each of our names on them.

    We reminded my mom about that birthday not too long ago, and she didn’t even remember it! :D

    All she remembered was that it was a lot of girls and a lot of work!

  21. Happy birthday!! I’m glad you got such awesome weather for your bday!!! Have a wonderful day!

  22. Happy Birthday!!! 26 was a pretty good year for me… hope it’s a good one for you too!!

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