26 Things + Lunch

Happy Humpday! Well, today is going pretty well even though I’m at work  :) I would much rather be somewhere else, but it’s been a pretty low stress day, thank goodness.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! :) and I liked reading your birthday memories, too. There were some good ones!

Lunch today was courtesy of Sunday night leftovers and it was nice and colorful –


Leftover cottage casserole + some of the smoked turkey


Some green beans


and this awesome peach I got from the farmer’s market over the weekend.

Since I haven’t had the blog very long and I wanted to do something kind of fun today, here are 26 things you might not know about me:

1. I write and eat left handed, but throw and use scissors with my right.
2. My favorite show of all time is I Love Lucy, followed closely by The Office and LOST and HIMYM (and Veronica Mars, which was cancelled even though we loved it)
3. I have 2 sisters – one older and one younger.
4. I went to 3 different colleges in 4 years and still graduated on time! Not sure how that happened.
5. I have 2 degrees, yet am not using either.
6. I make lists all day long. For everything. Paper lists so I can cross stuff off.
7. All of my best girl friends live at least 5 hours away from me.
8. I never cooked anything other than grilled cheese or boxed macaroni before I got married.
9. I have the best husband and family.
10. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
11. Barney Butter is too salty for me – there, I said it!
12. I use huge purses at all times.
13. You have to get a Hot Brown or Bourbon Ball French Toast from Lynn’s Paradise Café if you are ever in Louisville. Holy heart attack, they were some of the best things I’ve ever eaten. (Here’s my guest post about it on Carrots’n’Cake)

14. I took piano lessons from age 8 -11 and am sad I stopped. I was in chorus from 6th grade through my first year of college, and I miss it.
15. I have an unhealthy obsession with the Food Network.
16. Shopping here is horrible – we don’t have any good stores.
17. I love roller coasters.
18. I have to watch super scary movies during the day (while it’s light outside) or I’ll have bad nightmares.
19. I really want a maxi dress for this summer…or a few.
20. I really want to travel all around the world someday.
21. I used to “make” some of my own clothes by changing stuff I bought at thrift stores. When did I get so lazy and un-fun? I had these sailor jeans that I loved! And raspberry chuck taylors.
22. College football starts in less than 3 months!!!
23. I still have trouble holding my breath under water.
24. Kelly green is my favorite color and I used to have diamonds painted on my wall in my room.
25. My first “real” concert was New Kids on the Block, I believe – loved it! And I’ve been to some awesome (and much better) concerts since then.
26. I think this year will be the best so far!

Okay – your turn! What’s something fun I don’t know about you?

Oh, and make sure to check out Missy’s grassy giveaway ;)


  1. I took piano lessons for 8 years and can’t play anything now. I stopped in 8th grade. And I was in chorus from 6th through the end of high school! Too funny.

    Green is my favorite color too.

    I have 3 degrees – BA in English, BA in journalism, MA in publishing — I use them all! But I want to do stuff with food instead! I love cooking and baking much more than editing these days.

    I love your list!

  2. After seeing this post I totally decided to have green beans tonight, what a strange craving!
    I love reading people’s fun facts. Here’s mine when I was little (like 3 or 4) and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I was older my standard answers were either Minnie Mouse or Pajamas. I was a very weird little kid.

  3. Cool list! I always love these. I especially like your confession about Barney Butter. My fun facts are things I think everyone knows by now: 1) Rose is not my first name and 2) I have a tattoo.


  4. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you are having the best day ever!! I love that you posted 26 things about yourself. Now I know you so much better and have a better idea about you, and I love it haha.
    A couple things about me:
    I have an obsession with watching Food Network 24/7
    Im lefthanded
    I’m 1/4 Norwegian.

  5. Happy Birthday! I forgot to say it on your morning post! Some things about me: 1) Purple is my favorite color 2) I have a huge movie star crush on John Cusack.

  6. that peach looks divine…great blog too!

  7. I love your 26 things list! I’m also the middle of 3 girls and mint choc chip is my favorite ice cream too!

  8. Happy B-day!!!
    We have so much in common – namely our obsession with Food Network and our 2 majors that we don’t use (mine were Women’s Studies and Music and now I’m an actor). And mint chocolate chip.


    I took piano lessons until I was 10 and broke my leg. In Ukraine, there were no accommodations to those with crutches (I didn’t even go to school!) so I had to stop going to lessons. I wish I didn’t!

  10. Haven’t had a change to comment yet, but Happy Happy Birthday!! I wish you weren’t at work, but hope you have the best day ever!! Well, really the best week right?! It’s Birthday Week!

  11. I love number 12 and 12X2!!

  12. LOL, i think my first concert was nkotb, too ;) And I LOVE veronica mars, i heard something about a movie recently… and i took piano for awhile but stopped in hs :( wish i hadn’t now

  13. LOVE your list! I don’t know if you have Comcast (or it’s equivalent) but on On Demand under TV shows they have Veronica Mars episodes :) Such a good show!

  14. NKOTB was my second concert. My first was The Bangles in 1st grade. . . waaaaaay back in 1986!

  15. Happy birthday! I cannot wait till I hit 20. 18 is standard, 19 will be the same–but something about hittin 20 will rock! You might not know I got my nose pierced when I was 13 and got my first tattoo with my mom when I was 15!

  16. love the 26 things – i use a huge purse all the time too!

  17. Happy birthday! I’m a cancer too… and I also have 2 degrees, and only sort of use them. What are your degrees in?

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