French Fried Donuts

Sarah posted a challenge a while back, and I’ve been planning to do this since then.

We always have these amazing (and local! not a franchise or anything) donuts at work on Friday, thanks to a coworker, but not just any donuts would have worked.

When I saw these two still left on Friday, I knew it was the day I would accept the French Toast Challenge.


I had one Carol Lee cinnamon sugar cake donut and one blueberry glazed cake donut that came home with me on Friday, while I was plotting in my head how this was going to work  :)

And work it did! Bwahahaha….I totally felt like Paula Deen making this for dessert on Friday night. I mean, who re-fries donuts?

Me, apparently.

I sliced each donut in half so I could soak the inside with the “batter”:


For the french toast batter, I just mixed one egg with a splash of milk and vanilla.

I dipped each cut side of the donuts into the egg, then put them in a pan with a little canola oil and let them cook until the egg side was browned.

I quickly flipped them so all the sugar on the outsides could caramelize a bit and firm up. Honestly, before I flipped them I wasn’t sure if they would be good because the tops were kind of soggy, but flipping them for a minute fixed all of that!


Nick and I had half of each so we could each taste the cinnamon sugar + blueberry flavors.

Can I just say these were amazing? It almost tasted like funnel cake, but 10 times better!


Now, these are definitely NOT healthy in any way, but they were delicious. Not too bad, though. I barely used any of the batter, the canola oil is heart healthy, so it was really just like eating 1 donut each (not bad by any means) plus one tiny scoop of ice cream.

So sweet, crispy, but light at the same time!

I also added a little scoop of slow-churned vanilla ice cream to our bowls to complete the dish.


So, now the challenge passes on – what are YOU going to french toast?


  1. LOL, I’m not doing anything to French toast except drooling my face off over you fried donuts.

    Holy chit girl! Those are bangin!

  2. Ahhh cinnamon sugar donuts are the best! Way to take it up a notch, Emeril ;)

  3. Ohhh I remember that french toast challenge! Haha. Those donuts look (and sound) ridiculously good :D And I love cinnamon sugar donuts!

  4. Oh man. I haven’t eaten lunch yet and you just kicked my salivary glands into high gear….

  5. Brandi, you are a true southern cook now!! Amazing creation!

  6. Wow, super creative girl! I can just imagine how GOOD those must have tasted, especially on a Friday night.

  7.…goodness. these look amazing!!
    your a kitchen genius!

  8. holy cannoli – French toast is one of my fave foods, and these look soooo good! i am accepting the challenge – French toast concoction to come!!!!!

  9. Oh wow! Those look amazing. I’m not sure I can beat this idea!

  10. What a great idea! Those donuts look fab! I like to take banana bread or cinnamon rolls that have gone slightly stale and make them into french toast. Now I have to try donuts!

  11. O.M.G. You are a dessert all star. You need your own show!

  12. yayyy brandi, i knew it!! i’m so excited that you did this, and i’m thrilled at how beautifully they came out. it looks like you got the perfect amount of crisp! i’m impressed like crazy, and i think you should send me a french-toasted donut on ice in the mail :-P

  13. haha, genious! they look amazing :)

  14. You are way too creative! And everything that tastes good can’t be healthy all the time :-)
    p.s. I got my dress that I wore to my grad party at Herberger’s..I don’t know if you have those where you are? It’s a branch of Younkers.

  15. oh my Lord. You, are my HERO. That looks incredibly WEIRD and FREAKY…in a DELICIOUS and FABULOUS way! WOW!

  16. Amazing. I love stuff like this, taking one ready-made food and making it into something else.

  17. wow, that looks delicious!! I loooove donuts! :)

  18. So cool! I think it’s a great dessert idea! :)

  19. pf’iihas’foakxnca’iohsfao’foasfoinvpon aposop dw’j ‘wrjq’w.

    That was me stepping all over my keyboard to jump into my screen. Those look AMAZING!!!

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  23. Perfect for the holiday today :)

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