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I lose track of time on Sundays, if you can’t tell.

I wake up, intending to do all these things, blog in the morning on the weekends….and it just seems to not be happening lately  :)  I don’t really mind – we had a nice kind of lazy morning, just eating breakfast, drinking coffee and getting ready for church.

Sunday breakfast just isn’t a surprise anymore, right? I don’t mind that, either, since I love this breakfast.


I had 2 eggs over oat bran with crushed red pepper and salt.

Plus this amazing peach I got at the farmer’s market yesterday.


This peach was perfect. I thought the ones we got at the grocery store last week were good, but these were 100 times better. I’ve got to make sure I go to the market whenever I can! Fresh + local = so much better.

Plus, these were the same price per pound as the ones at Kroger, but much tastier.


I was sad when I ate the last slice  :)

Nick and I had to run a bunch of errands after church, which took up our nap time  :( 

We did get a bunch of stuff done, though!

  • got gas in the car
  • went to Lowe’s for weed sprayer parts
  • went to Ross for me to look- I got 2 new shirts for only $10!
  • ate lunch out since it was 1:45 and we were starving


We rarely go to Panera Bread because we forget that it’s there and we’re not usually in that part of town at lunch time.

I knew what I wanted – the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad.


I got mine with their whole grain bread on the side – I think this salad normally comes with pecans, right? Mine didn’t have any, but it was still tasty! I love all the fruit on this salad, and their bread is so crusty and chewy.

We just got home, and I’ve already got one load of laundry in the washer with one more to go.

I also have banana bread to make and a house to clean!

Good thing I’m wearing my 50s style housewife dress – or what I call my “Lucy” dress  :)  I love “I Love Lucy” and all her clothes and this dress just reminds me of the clothing from that time.

It makes me feel like I can get all this done AND look fabulous. IMG_3480c


Off to wash, dry, fold, and bake!

See you for dinner!


  1. LOVE THE DRESS!! And I too love ‘I Love Lucy’ :-D

  2. Pretty dress – what shoes do you wear w/ it?

  3. Your dress is so cute! Where did you get it?

  4. such a cute dress! I love “I Love Lucy”!

    I’ve only been to Panera once (long commute from Scotland :P ) but that salad looks great! I need to give savoury oats a try…the closest I came was apple + cheddar oatmeal (which was really good!)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. peaches taste sooo good right now :)
    love your dress!

  6. As a Panera know it all – YES that salad should have come with pecans! It still looks bueno!

    LOVE the dress! This may be anti-feminist of me but I would adore to be a 50s housewife. I don’t mind cooking and cleaning in heels and pearls :)

  7. Bran, that dress is so cute. I, too, am curious what shoes you wear with it!

  8. I had the BEST peach today too! Must be a good crop going around :-) And btw love the dress–too cute!

  9. Hi everyone! :)

    The dress is from B.Moss, which sadly closer earlier this year. I believe they went bankrupt, and it makes me REALLY sad because it was my favorite store.

    I usually wear these black + tan wedges, which is what I wore today. I’ll try to remember to get a pic of the shoes soon!

  10. I absolutely love that dress!

  11. Um, you should be wearing the red shoes with that dress ;) but the black & tan ones sound cute with it too!! OH & guess what I saw at Target the other day?!?!?!?!?!

    THE COMPLETE SET OF I LOVE LUCY EPISODES ON DVD!!!!!! I think the set is $150 buck which doesn’t sound too bad for all the episodes!! We’ll have to watch for it to go on sale :)

    Love you & Miss you!!!!

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