Layer by Layer

It feels so good to have everything crossed of your list, doesn’t it? 

I usually always have a list going (at all times), and I love being able to cross everything off, one by one, and just know that I got everything done that I needed to.

I got banana bread made (recipe to come):


 And I did get to take this out of the oven while still wearing my dress – super fun  :)

While the bread was in the oven, Nick and I cleaned the bathroom and got all the vacuuming done. As soon as the bread was done, we changed clothes and headed over to the pool! Yay, I actually got to go this weekend! By the time we got there, it was 5:30 and the pool was only open until 6 tonight, but it was nice to swim for a little bit. I can’t wait to go back – it’s actually a really nice pool and a lot bigger than I thought. This may make summer a bit more fun. I really miss having beaches close by (I grew up in Chesapeake, VA), so this is the best I can get – plus, I love being able to lay out and just jump in the water when I get too hot.

We headed back home, I jumped in the shower to rinse off the chlorine and got started on dinner.

For one part of our dinner tonight, I was trying out a recipe of Diana’s that I found the other day:

Diana’s Cottage Casserole


 Check out that layering!

I doubled the recipe so I could have some for lunches this week. I also made my own breadcrumbs with some whole wheat bread because I realized I didn’t have any dry ones on hand. So easy! I just threw 2 slices of whole wheat bread in the food processor for like 10 seconds. Done!

I baked this for 20 minutes covered since I wasn’t sure if the breadcrumbs would burn; after 20 minutes, I took the foil off and finished baking.


The rest of dinner included some smoked turkey, courtesy of Nick’s parents, and some more peas from our garden – they were so good.

Oh! And the shoes I wear with the dress are usually these black +woven wedges – I’ll try to get a picture of them soon  :)

Is tomorrow Monday already?


Happy Father’s Day!



I love my dad – I’m sad I didn’t get to see him today, but I did get to talk to him – AND I get to see him AND my other dad next weekend  :)

I’m lucky to have a Dad D. and a Dad E. – I don’t know how I got so lucky to have both of them in my life. They’re also both going to Honduras this summer! I can’t wait.



  1. I loved the picture of you and your dads! Sweet!
    And how did you get your casserole to look SO good? My casseroles always turn out looking like cat vomit, though they may taste really good!

  2. Cute dress, lovely food, …overall it looks like a good day! I made banana bread today too!

  3. The banana bread looks delicious! I love crossing things off my to-do list, too. It’s such a great feeling!

    The pics of you with your dads are so cute.

  4. Banana bread!!!! Ahhh, I can smell it now (haha, not really…but I wish!??!).

    PS- the pictures are adorable! :)

  5. I can’t wait for the banana bread recipe!!

    You and your dad look so sweet together!

  6. That banana bread looks fabulous!!

  7. Oh how I miss going to the pool! Why is it the hunger after swimming is like no other?

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