First Weekend Project Complete!

I’m so happy it’s the weekend!!!

Are you happy it’s the weekend?

I love just having the day to do what I want, when I want, and maybe try to get things done that are actually needed, too  :)

I’ve got one load of laundry washed, dried, folded, + put away and have a baking project all lined up for tomorrow. Nick cleaned the shower for me today, so I’m very thankful for that. He’s the best ;)

I had one project I worked on this afternoon – my first ever jar of homemade nut butter!


I thought I would try out making cashew butter first, mainly because I had some and I don’t use these as much in oatmeal and other things as I do pecans, walnuts, and almonds.


I think it turned out pretty good! I think it would have been a bit better if the cashews were roasted, but it’s still very good and rich. I added a bit of salt and about a teaspoon of agave nectar while it was whirring away in the food processor – the salt was definitely a good idea since these were raw + unsalted. It just gave it a little more dimension.

I can’t wait to try more homemade ones!

I also somehow found my hand in this bag this afternoon –


I got these cookies from a bakery at the farmer’s market today and they are amazing. Crispy on the outside, still chewy on the inside, and so spicy.


Just times that by 2  :)  I couldn’t resist a second one!  At least I know everything that is in them AND that they are made locally, right?

After making my cashew butter, eating cookies, and folding laundry, I ran up to Walmart to get a few more things we needed (light bulb, freezer bags) then came home to get dinner going.

We decided to grill!

Today’s weather was so strange until late this afternoon – it was pouring one minute, sunny the next, raining again, and then blue skies.

Really? Just decide already.

It looks really nice right now, and we’re supposed to have nice weather for the next few days, so I’m hoping our weather people are right.


I picked up some strip steaks on sale today, so I had Nick grilled those up tonight. We also grilled a romaine heart that we split and some cubed potatoes tossed in salt + pepper + olive oil + smoked paprika + ancho chile powder. If you do not have smoked paprika or ancho chile powder, what are you waiting for? They are amazing.


I love grilling out  :)

All the food is put away, dishes are washed, and I think we’re going to watch a movie, which means I’ll also probably be having popcorn.


Have you made your own nut butter? If so, what kind did you make?


  1. I like your spicy roasted potatoes- paprika always tastes good with roasted potatoes :)

  2. Your nut butter looks delicious! And I’m so jealous of your grilled dinner. I really want a grill! I haven’t made my own nut butter yet, but I’d love to make a pecan butter. With vanilla and cinnamon–yum!

  3. I havent made my own yet, but I’m really tempted to! Do you have a recipe for the cashew butter? Or did you just improvise?

    The pictures of dinner are lovely, btw. Now I want to make dinner all over again!

  4. Congrats on the project! I have never made nut butter, but I think I would make pumpkin seed butter! Sounds interesting, no?!

  5. I have not made my own but really want to try making my own pecan butter!

  6. mm those potatoes look delicious and so does your nut butter!!
    i have never made my own, but It would probably be so much cheaper than buying them in the stores.

  7. I am planning on making my own nut butter once my mom finds the lid for my blender! (she borrowed the blender and gave it back without the lid!) Am thinking almonds, cocoa powder and raisins in it :)

    Your grilled dinner looks great- I LOVE smoked paprika :D

    enjoy your Sunday!

  8. I’ve never made my own nut butter but I have made a lot of other raw stuff like raw donut holes using raw cashews, dates and apricots etc. And I made raw cinnamon buns that i made a cashew “frosting” to go on top of them, The frosting was the best part! Your nut butter looks great!

  9. I’ve been doing much of the same this weekend! Laundry can be fun when there’s nothing else to do! ;)

    I love grilling! I’m cravin’ a steak now!

  10. I love your farmer’s market cookies (of course!!) and your nut butter! What a great day.

    I know what you mean about the weather. It was flaky here too. Although, I guess we get the same weather as you for the most part– just a couple of hours later. We ditched a midday plan to go to an outdoor festival because it was raining cats and dogs and it felt like a sauna. We ended up going later in the day because the weather ended up being beautiful. Crazy!!

  11. Those potatoes sound AMAZING!! Sounds like you’ve had a productive weekend so far! I haven’t made my own nut butter yet but I’m planning on it one of these days – yours looks great!

  12. Yeah for a productive day! Our weather was gorgeous all day so we lucked out.

    Love the grilled steak – I’ve never made my own nut butter, but now you have me thinking!

  13. crunchy on the outside-chewy on the inside cookies are the best! and excellllent work with the cashew butter. so much more satisfying to make it yourself!

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