Breakfast In a Mug

Did you know today is National Breakfast in a Mug day? I love all those totally random “holidays”, so I decided to actually do this one!


I made a serving of grits and topped with my eggs in one of my favorite + huge mugs!


Great idea! I’m going to have to make more breakfasts in this mug – it’s definitely big enough that it could hold my oatmeal, too.

I also had some strawberries + peach


The peach was okay – not bad, but not yet perfect. I can’t wait until I can get them at the farmer’s market soon.

Plus a small glass of chocolate milk – it is Friday after all!


I made some coffee this morning to take with me to work – I have a class to go to at 10 this morning, and I know I’m going to need that coffee to get through it.

Have you had your breakfast in a mug?

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  1. I haven’t had breakfast IN a mug, but I’ve had breakfast AND a mug :)

  2. such a cool National holiday! Lol. My mom used to mash soft boiled eggs with cubes of butter toast in mugs for our breakfast! I eat cereal out of mugs sometimes…today a bowl was much needed. No mug big enough for this mornings breakfast!

    have a great day, Brandi!

  3. Seriously???? I had no idea b/c I made egg beaters & egg in a mug this morning b/c I didn’t feel like using the skillet/stove and only had a few mins to spare


  4. Great holiday! I had ice cream in a mug last night, if that counts ;-) I’ll try to have at least one of my meals in a mug today, simply to honor the holiday!

    Happy Friday!

  5. I always make “mug” bfasts when I travel since hotels usually have microwaves in the room–it makes it so much more convenient& fun!

  6. These national holidays are the greatest! Your mug breakfast looks fantastic – I’ve done the oatmeal in a mug before in a pinch :)

  7. i love little random holidays..i wonder if they have one for peanut butter!?

    LOVE eating breakfast in a mug – I think thats why I love cereal so much :D

  8. Is this for real? These holidays are ridiculous! I love it. I wish I had known this this morning!

  9. Haha these are some crazy holidays! I love that you celebrated, though :D Mmm I can’t say I’ve ever had my bfast in a mug. OH wait, does a parfait class count? No? Haha, ok ;)

  10. I totally love the rando holidays too!! I def celebrated national froyo day!

    And I always forget how amazing chocolate milk is..reminds me of my childhood!

  11. Every day should be Breakfast in a Mug Day!

  12. Hi Brandi,

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  13. Dude…breakfast is the most awesome meal, but in a mug, it is definitely even awesomer. Love the randomness of those holidays!

  14. I did not know it was national “mug” day – I LOVE the idea of breakfast in a mug and yours looks delish.

  15. Is this a real holiday? If so, I love national breakfast in a mug day. Sweet! I have not had breakfast in a mug but I HAVE had scrambled eggs cooked in a mug!

    You have a great site! I love your healthy recipes!

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